Beyoncé’s Response To A Woman Chatting Up Jay-Z Has Twitter Buzzing

Jay-Z Beyoncé
Photo: Getty Images.

Beyoncé is a queen and no one can tell us otherwise. Even her facial expressions are gold. And she did not disappoint last night when she and her hubby sat courtside at Game 3 of the NBA Finals. This video of Beyonce’s reaction to Jay-Z and another woman talking is priceless. Let’s just say, Bey didn’t have her eye on the game the whole time. (And when she did, her third eye was keeping an eye on those two.) Twitter, of course, had a lot of fun with the moment, fans have been sharing many memes and comments about the whole interaction.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z made a fashionably late entrance into the game (ofc, what did you expect?), arriving a few minutes into the first quarter. It caused quite a frenzy among sports fans in the audience. Twitter was immediately ignited with news that the A-list couple had arrived—even NBA’s official Twitter account announced the pair was at the game. The dynamic duo sat right beside the Golden State Warriors Owner, Joe Lacob (casual). But then someone else joined the pair, and fans have been pointing out that Bey looked a little less than pleased. Lacob’s wife, Nicole Curran, plopped down next to Queen Bey and began talking to Jay-Z, leaving over the “Halo” singer to continue her convo. It was all a probably harmless interaction but Twitter is having a field day. Fans have pointed out that Beyoncé looked pretty unamused—and was perhaps even silently fuming—as the interaction took place. It’s a bit of stretch but hey—it definitely makes for good content.

It mostly looks like the Pink Panther actress is trying to enjoy the game, and his frustrated by being distracted with a convo that she’s seemingly not super interested in. But please enjoy the internet’s clever interpretations:

One fan wanted everyone to stop commenting on the video, saying there was nothing wrong with what went down.

To be fair—we think this user is absolutely right…but it’s also fun to enjoy the jokes that accompany the pics/vid so well…And keep in mind—the comments are mostly just about asking how TF anyone could pass up an opportunity to talk to Beyoncé and only Beyoncé.

Also—if you needed any more proof that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are first, A-OK, and second, absolute couple goals—here it is:

They’re so adorable!! *sobs*