The Sexiest TV Shows to Watch Right This Second

Normal People
Photo: Hulu.

The phrase—”It’s not porn. It’s HBO”—took on a whole new meaning when Game of Thrones premiered in 2011 to the tune of nakedness on nakedness. GOT is for sure one the sexiest TV shows on our list, but what other X-rated series rank in the most naked series in television history? (Spoiler: You can expect a lot of sex from any TV show with the word “sex” in its title. Take Sex and the City for example. There would only be a city and no sex without it.)

As much as we love to watch TV shows for the storylines, the plot twists, the character arcs and yadayadayada, we won’t complain about the sex scenes either. Sometimes we just want to watch Hollywood-level attractive people get it on with each other on camera, and we won’t feel bad about it. Sex scenes are a part of the TV experience, and as these series prove, these shows would be a lot different if there were half as many naked people on screen. Ahead, we rounded up the sexiest TV shows to watch when you’re seriously sexually frustrated. Keep a wet towel nearby because these TV shows are hot, hot, hot.

Normal People

Normal People, based on Sally Rooney’s 2018 book of the same title, centers on the four-year relationship of Marianne and Connell, two high school students who have secret crushes on each other. Connell is the popular jock of his and Marianne’s high school in a small town in Ireland, while Marianne is the unpopular outcast. Connell keeps their relationship a secret because of their different popularity levels. The show follows the two’s relationship as they break up, make up and have hot, hot sex throughout the next four years of their lives. Pretty much every episode of Normal People has a sex scene, so if you’re not into the romance, that should be enough of a reason to watch.

Where to watch: Hulu

Game of Thrones

By now, everyone and their moms should know that Game of Thrones has sex—and lots of it. From gratuitous butt shots to topless scenes with the Queen of Dragons, the show’s cast has never been shy to drop trou for the camera. The best part is that Game of Thrones, which follows the centuries-long fight between several families for a throne, aired its final season 2019, which means there are eight seasons of naked bliss to binge.

Where to watch: HBO


Outlander is like a romance novel come to life. Based on Diana Gabaldon’s books of the same title, Outlander follows a married former World War II nurse from 1946 who finds herself transported to 1973 Scotland, where she meets a handsome Highland warrior and, yes, does it with him.

Where to watch: Starz

Sex and the City

As we’ve mentioned, there would be no city is there wasn’t sex. Sex and the City follows a sex columnist in New York City and her very sexually active friends. Each episode deals with some storyline related to sex, whether it be threesomes, blowjobs or even “golden showers.” Expect lots of nudity from this show’s six seasons.

Where to watch: HBO


The U.S. version of Shameless premiered in 2011, and since then, the show has given fans 11 seasons of wild sex scenes. But don’t expect sensual love-making from this dramedy. Shameless, which follows a dysfunctional family in Chicago, shows sex in all its awkward glory.

Where to watch: Showtime

Sex Education

You can guess from the title of this show that it’s about sex. Sex Education, which premiered in Netflix in 2019, follows a high school student, Otis, and his sex therapist mom. Somehow, Otis becomes the sex therapist of his high school (despite his secret that he’s a virgin and hasn’t even successfully masturbated before). Nonetheless, the show portrays sex in a real, unedited way that’s worth a watch.

Where to watch: Netflix


Skins is a British teen drama that premiered in 2007. The show ran for five years, and in that time, there were lots of sex scenes between many horny teen characters. The series, which also explored mental health, was one of the first popular teen dramas to show same-sex sex scenes in the same light as their straight counterparts (a.k.a. unedited and hot.)

Where to watch: E4

The L Word

When The L Word premiered in 2004, it became popular among the LGBTQ community for its uncensored same-sex sex scenes. The show a group of friends in West Hollywood, California, many of whom are lesbians, as they deal with love, friendship and, yes, sex.

Where to watch: Showtime

True Blood

Before Game of Thrones, there was True Blood. The show, which followed a group of sexy vampires in Louisiana, became known for its hot and heavy sex scenes between blood-sucking monsters and humans. True Blood premiered in 2008 and ran for seven seasons, so if you’re in the ~mood~ there’s a lot of steamy vampire sex to catch up on.

Where to watch: HBO

Masters of Sex

Of course, HBO’s Masters of Sex is about sex. The show, which is set in the 1950s, follows two researchers of human sexuality at Washington University in Missouri. As expected, the line between their work and their real-life sex lives blurs as they find themselves intertwined with the subjects they research.

Where to watch: Showtime


Elite, a high school drama set in Spain, may be in Spanish, but anyone can understand its hot and heavy sex scenes. The show, which premiered on Netflix in 2018, follows a group of students who find themselves involved in a murder case. Along the way, several of the students became attracted to each other and find a way to have sex in the middle of classes and a homicide investigation.

Where to watch: Netflix

Orange Is the New Black

OITNB ended in 2019 after seven seasons, but the show, which follows a group of inmates at a women’s prison in New York, set the standard at Netflix when it came to sex scenes. The scenes were hot and heavy between the majority female cast, and the series never shied away when it came to showing the explicit details.

Where to watch: Netflix

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