TV Show Eastwick Premiere Recap


Last night was the premiere of Eastwick, ABC’s new sitcom/drama/fantasy show (which is it?), and after our thoughts on the anticipation of the show yesterday, we have some new afterthoughts to share.

The opening of the pilot begins overlooking the small New England town of Eastwick, where the show is set. And despite it still being September, the town is having some sort of festival involving a ton of pumpkins and townies dressed in witch and pilgrim costumes. Does this mean we have to start bringing out the Halloween decorations already?

The show follows three main characters: Joanna (Lindsay Price), Kat (Jaime Ray Newman), and Roxanne (Rebecca Romijn). Within the first seven minutes of the show, Roxanne MO’s with her boyfriend in front of her teenage daughter (awkward), the local historian gets attacked by an obviously animated army of ants while reading stories to a group of kids (we’re not sure why), and Joanna talks for far too long about her vibrator named Will, which coincidentally shares the name of her real life crush, who happens to awkwardly be standing right behind her while she is talking about it. Not that we’re prude or anything, but unless you’re trying to be the next Sex and the City, this just doesn’t seem to fit in this context. We’re assuming the writers were trying to be funny with this one. Instead, we just ended up feeling embarrassed for Joanna, and for the writers for trying too hard.

If you’re really into superstitions and magic, this could be a great show for you, but as much as we want Eastwick to succeed (for Lindsay Price’s sake at least), some of it was just too much for us. Like the scene where all three women conveniently end up at the town’s fountain at the same time, make some very serious faces (to the point of cheesiness) while making their wishes, and then all throw coins they had all found that day into the fountain. But while the coins are all mid-air, they clink together before submerging into the water. Cue the Bewitched twinkle noise. More magic to come, and a lot of cheese, we predict.

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