Gift We Love: This Striking Surya Turquoise Statement Necklace

Julie Gerstein

 Gift We Love: This Striking Surya Turquoise Statement Necklace

What: This Surya turquoise necklace, which is a bold—and striking!—statement piece.

Why: Because it manages to feel simultaneously angular and geometric, yet super-bohemian.

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How: Pair with a button up blouse, a smart blazer, and pulled back hair to best highlight the gorgeous crushed turquoise stones. Or, try wearing it layered with other necklaces. Either way, this is the sort of piece that stands out in a sea of generic statement necklaces.

Who It’s For: Your best friend. Your cool older sister, or your hip aunt. Or hey, let’s be honest, you might just want to keep it for yourself.

Surya Turquoise Necklace, $88; at Of A Kind