Happening: You Can Now Turn Your Face Into an Emoji

Leah Bourne
Memoji Keyboard app

Photo: Memoji Keyboard

Remember this day, because your emoji dreams have finally come true. Today is the day when your face can become an emoji. Better yet, an emoji GIF. Nope, not kidding.

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Photo: Memoji Keyboard

Johnny Lin, a self-professed selfie connoisseur and former Apple engineer has gone about making this a reality, having developed the Memoji Keyboard. The app creates a unique set of photographs and GIFs of your own face imitating various familiar icons including the sunglasses emoji, the smiling emoji, and the one-eye-shut-tongue-out emoji.

It’s hard enough for people to communicate using actual words these days, and we have a feeling Memoji is only going to take that to the next level.

Still, it’s pretty cool, and we can’t wait to try this for ourselves, like, immediately.

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