Wanna Turn Your iPhone Photos into Clothes? There’s an App for That

snapshirt app

Back in the day, snapping a really good picture meant you’d develop it (that’s when a photo gets printed on actual paper) then either frame it or stick it in a plastic photo album. Then social media came along, and snapping a really good picture meant you upload it in a number of places and wait for digital approval from your friends, followers, and fans. Now, snapping a really good photo means you can wear it. On your body. Every day.

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Meet SnapShirt, a new mobile app that’s currently seeking donations via Kickstarter that allows you to turn your favorite photos into custom apparel. An awesome hoodie of your new Chanel bag? Why not! If you loved it enough to Instagram it, you probably love it enough to wear it.

Basically, users are able to view an image directly on SnapShirt’s mockup, snap a photo, and an all-over print product of your choice will be delivered to your door within days.

And in case you’re worried that the quality of that pepperoni pizza won’t look as realistic once it’s splayed over a tank top, no fear: The company’s founder, Mike Krilivsky, is also the guy behind all-over print online store RageOn.com, so they’re already using a proprietary process to produce photo-realistic quality stuff. The difference with SnapShirt, however, is you’ll get to choose what goes on the threads.

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Check out how the works below, then head over to Kickstarter if you’re interested in pledging some cash. Why? Because a throw pillow of you and your guy ice skating is essentially priceless.

[h/t Buzzfeed]