The Coolest Way to Personalize Your Denim Jacket for Just $20

Cady Lang

My current DIY obsession is embellishing a vintage Levi’s denim jacket that I found on Etsy (thanks, Shop Exile) with as many patches as I can get my hands on.

My DIY jacket

Photo: Courtesy of Cady Lang

It’s a crafting/sartorial venture that keeps me busy both sewing on the patches and searching for new ones. Thankfully, there are plenty of witty and winsome patches to be found, especially online. One of my favorite pastimes in recent months has been scouring Instagram for independent vendors, which is how I found Tuesday Bassen.

Tuesday Bassen is a West Coast illustrator whose awesome online store is the stuff that eccentric Tumblr dreams are made of—think feminist, feminine designs with sass to spare, especially when it comes to her patch and pin options. When I first stumbled on her shop, I fell in love with her customizable heart patches that are inspired by 1940s sweetheart patches. But true to brand, Tuesday’s have a little more bite. On the heart-shaped patches, you can declare your love for anything and everything, as long as it doesn’t exceed 10 letters.

To my dismay, the shop was completely sold out at that time. Lucky for you, however, I have been faithfully stalking checking the shop, and it just restocked both of its customizable patches. The “Everything Sucks Except …” patch gives me Wednesday Addams vibes in the best way possible, and the other customizable patch—”My One True Love …”—is equally amazing, albeit with a little less angst. You can snag them for $20 each, which is practically a steal for elevating your denim jacket to a supreme level of coolness.

Tuesday Bassen customizable patch

My One True Love … Custom Patch, $20; at Tuesday Bassen