Trust Fund Hipster Alert


Mischa Barton was spotted last night at London hot spot Bungalow 8. I hate to do this again, but wasn’t Estelle there, dressed smart like a London bloke a few nights ago? The celebrities are really loving London lately.

Our favorite OC star looks a little disheveled. Must have been a wild night. Dressed in a striped black and white sweater with a leather jacket and some short shorts, Mischa seems to be taking the hipster fad to a whole new level. Bet we’d spot you at the Waverly Inn any night of the week.

Surprisingly though, the Pete Doherty hat is working for her, but only because she’s in London and it seems like homage to Kate Moss.

Oh Mischa, we’re so glad you’re back on TV. Can’t wait to see what you and Ashton come up with on The Beautiful Life.