True Blood Actress Deborah Ann Woll Shares Romance Tips, Plus 5 Unconventional Ways to Find Love


Yes, were sure all of you are aware that its that time of year again: Valentine’s Day — also known as National Singles Awareness Day. As if us singles didnt have it bad enough already, just posted this nauseatingly cute video of True Blood actress Deborah Ann Woll and her comedian beau E.J. Scott dishing on their adorable romance. You can watch the video here.

The two claim to have met on Say what? Celebrities need help finding love too? This just goes to show that its all about being proactive, people.

Having some problems finding love? Dont know where to start? Start by getting active. Here are five unconventional places we suggest you check out if you’re looking for that next special someone.

1. Join a matchmaking site

Yes, we know online dating might sound a bit seedy, but trust us (and Ms. Woll), online matchmaking has cleaned up significantly over the last couple of years. With sites like and, you can find like-minded people with similar interests with a mere click of the mouse. With millions satisfied, why not give it a try too?

2. Go on Vacation

Whats more romantic then finding love at an exotic locale? With hundreds of singles only themed vacation packages out there, why not gather a couple of your single gal pals and start planning for your next vacation now?

3. Take a Class

Always wanted to learn how to cook or scuba dive? Why not spend your Saturday mornings a little more constructively and take a class? Chances are youll meet a cute guy or two and you can bond over your common interest in learning a new trade.

4. Volunteer

Why not spend some time volunteering your time for a cause that you believe in? Chances are youll meet a ton of people who share the same passion, all while giving back to your community. Its a win-win situation.

5. Appreciate the Arts

Attend an art opening, rock out to a live performance of a local band, or watch a play. Its a great way to meet new (and single) people while expanding your cultural horizons.

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