Trouble in PARISdise


Paris Hilton is in Miami, Florida and it’s not because she’s partying at Sobe, or the Delano… or the Shore Club.

The heiress is attending a court case, fighting lawsuits filed against her. She is being sued by the investors who were involved in her 2006 (yes, thats ’06) flick Pledge This! because they claim she did not do enough to promote the movie, which may explain why the movie did so poorly. Yeah, her poor promotional skills are the reason the sorority girl flick that went straight to DVD didn’t do well. Right.

According, the producer of the movie Jack Utsick is the man behind the problem. Earlier this year, he lost a court case filed by 3,300 victims who said that he lied to investors and lost their money. Sounds like a familiar story line. A little east coast drama seems to be repeating itself on the west coast. While he only owes $300 million to investors, a fraction of the money Madoff lost in his ponzi-scheme scandal, investors want to see their money.

This is where Hilton comes in: Utsick claims a lot of his investors’ money was used to produce Pledge This! and it’s her fault the film tanked due to lack of promotion.

Hilton fights Utsick’s claims and says, “Any chance I got, any red carpet, any press, if I was doing something for another product, even if I wasn’t asked about it, I would just bring it up,” reports NBCLosAngeles.

See, it’s not particularly her fault the movie failed… maybe the investors should have read over the script before signing their money away.

Oh, and Utsick is currently vacationing in Brazil, FYI.