Wait—Tristan Thompson Actually Thinks Khloé Kardashian Used Him For Publicity

Kim Wong-Shing
Khloé Kardashian
Photo: Shutterstock.

Hold up. Hold all the way up. There appears to be a glitch in the Matrix, because Tristan Thompson said Khloé Kardashian used him for publicity and we are very, very confused. She’s Khloé Kardashian—one of the most famous women on the planet. Why would she have to use anyone else for publicity?!

Khloé told the baffling story on the September 22 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She and Tristan, who share their child True, have apparently been attending therapy together to improve their co-parenting relationship. Khloé explained how, in one recent session, Tristan basically accused her and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family of turning his infidelity into a media scandal.

“I had therapy with Tristan on Saturday,” Khloé explained to sister Kim Kardashian. “I desire to have a good coexisting relationship with him, but I can’t see myself ever being able to trust him. He said, ‘I know you and your family made this a big media thing.’ I’m like, ‘Would you think I would want this out there?!'”

She has a point—going through such an intense cheating scandal while pregnant would take a toll on anyone, let alone someone with millions of eyes on them every day. Kim agreed with her sister: “Not in a million years would you have wanted this public, that’s what people perceive.”

Khloé went on to point out that Tristan’s cheating was bound to become public at some point. He never stopped shamelessly doing it, after all, and hello, she’s a reality TV star, so that’s automatic front page news. “At the end of the day, it’s already out there,” she said. “If Tristan was gonna cheat, he was gonna cheat, it was gonna be public at some point. I’m so offended it had to be with her.”

Her is obviously Jordyn Woods. But in a recent interview, Khloé said she has forgiven Jordyn and is moving on with her life.