#Triplegram Is Apparently a Thing, and Kourtney Kardashian Is Hooked

Add #Triplegram to your #TBTs, your #WCWs, your #MCMs and #OOTDs and #TransformationTuesdays. If you’re a little shaky on what, pray tell, a #Triplegram could be, let us elucidate. Or, rather, let Kourtney Kardashian show you, since she’s the master of the triple threat.

As Kardashian proved today, the #Triplegram comes in handy when you can’t decide which selfie to post, ’n’am sayin’? But this is certainly not the first time the eldest Kardashian sister has taken to her IG to post a triplet of photos that are all variations on the same theme, as People reported.

Of course, she has younger sister (and über social-media queen) Kylie Jenner to thank for her love of the Trip. “One day, Kylie took my phone and posted three of the pics in a row when I was asking her which one to post, so she started the ‘three in a row’ thing,” Kardashian wrote on her app, via People. “I love how three in a row looks on my Instagram feed,” she said.

Kourt has by far the fewest followers on Instagram—37.7 million to Kim Kardashian’s 67 million, Kylie’s 57.7 million, Kendall Jenner’s 54.1 mill and Khloé Kardashian’s 46.5 mill. Maybe she’s hoping her #Triplegrams will pump up the volume. Doubt it, but a gal can dream.