A Trip to See “Valentino: The Last Emperor”


Object Of Desire

A Trip to See “Valentino The Last Emperor”, at the Film Forum, $11.00 (per person), filmforum.org

Reason #1

Because this feature-length documentary film provides a powerfully honest, poignantly raw, brutally frank, and surprisingly comical never-before-seen look into the most elite, inner circle of iconic fashion designer, Valentino Garavani and his long time partner, Giancarlo Giammetti.

Reason #2

Because this isn’t your average make-believe, sugar-coated, “The Devil Wears Prada-esque” version of the stereotypical ups and downs of the fashion industry.  Taking us on a truly honest, unscripted, uncensored journey into the deepest corners of the fashion world this documenting captures the complex, conflicting, and multidimensional life of this legendary designer.  

Reason #3

Because “Valentino The Last Emperor” transforms and redefines our idea/image of fashion.  The iconic fashion figure and name, Valentino is commonly seen as a design label and a global fashion empire; but this film challenges us to see Valentino not as a thing/idea but rather as a person with a human pulse and a beating heart.  And, ultimately this is a film about the truest and deepest forms of love – the love of all things fashion, the love of beauty and the love of people.   The Film Forum is located at 209 W Houston St, New York, NY 10014