Tribeca Film Festival 2013: Our 10 Must See Movies

Leah Bourne
Tribeca Film Festival 2013: Our 10 Must See Movies
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The Tribeca Film Festival kicks off on Wednesday. From a documentary about band The National (directed interestingly by the frontman’s brothers) to a movie about a Wall Streeter turned radicall extremist, these are the movies that aren’t to be missed.
Have a movie you are dying to see at this year’s festival? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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BEFORE MIDNIGHT: Catch up with Jesse, played by Ethan Hawke, and Celine, played by Julia Delpy, star crossed lovers, in the final installment of a trilogy that began with Before Sunrise in 1995. Now the duo is in their 40s, have children, and are visiting Greece. The chemistry of this pair makes this a must watch.

MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS: Go behind the scenes with The National in this documentary by Tom Berninger (the brother of the band's frontman Matt). The movie is the opening night film of the festival (in other words, it's one hot ticket).

ADULT WORLD: A recent college graduate, played by Emma Roberts, takes a job at sex shop while simultaneously trying to become a writer in Scott Coffey's Adult World. The quintessential festival dark comedy.

BIG SHOT: Directed by Kevin Connolly of Entourage fame, this documentary tells the story of John Spano, a Texas millionaire, who burst onto the Long Island hockey scene, eventually defrauding the NHL, and the government.

BLUEBIRD: This movie, directed by Lance Edmands, tells the interconnected stories of a bus driver, a bartender, and a bluebird. The fact that it stars two of our favorite small screen actors, Adam Driver from Girls and John Slattery of Mad Men is icing on the cake.

ALMOST CHRISTMAS: Considering this is starring Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti, we are already sold on this movie. The duo play a pair of get rich quick schemers who travel from Montreal to New York City to sell Christmas trees.

HARMONY LESSONS: Set in Kazakhstan, this movie examines bullying and youth retaliation. Early buzz says that this movie directed by Emir Baigazin is both brutal and profound.

SIX ACTS: This is an Israel movie directed by Jonathan Gurfinkel, about Gili, the new girl in town, who begins to use her sexuality in an attempt to win over the popular crowd. "Uncomfortably realistic" is how critics are describing this film, as is "must see."

THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST: Based on a bestseller by Mohsin Hamid, this Mira Nair movie is about Pakistan-born Changez Khan, a Princeton graduate with a career on Wall Street, who after 9/11 faces racial prejudices, and then goes on to pursue a career as a radicalized university professor in his native Lahore.

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