Tribal Societe


It’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if the current merchandise offered by Tribal Societé is any inclination of what’s to come, the world is in for divine splendor.

Launched in March 2009 by friends Nicole Basabe and Alma Sehovic, Tribal Societé is more than an online global bazaar; it is a first class ticket to the villages of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Thailand where artisan talents are oblivious to many.

“The idea of Tribal Societé came from a trend that we noticed once we returned from traveling around the globe. Many people would complement our jewelry and ask where we got it from.” Sehovic remarked from Tribal Societé’s Manhattan showroom. “So we thought, why not offer global-inspired pieces where people could shop from the comfort of their living rooms?”

The duo who met in business school shares a fondness for experiencing the beauty of traveling and authenticity. Spending anywhere between 2-3 weeks in a country at a time, Nicole and Alma immerse themselves in the culture to better understand it and to foster relationships with the artisans.

“Tribal Societé showcases the amazing craftsmanship of artisan women that we’ve built relationships with. Each piece is handmade and tells a story and we want to be able to share that.” said Basabe.

Still in the beginning stages of managing Tribal Societé, Nicole and Alma work long hours and are heavily involved in every process of the business. “It’s hard work but it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to do something we love so much.” said Sehovic.

Tribal Societé offers eco-friendly and affordable home goods and accessories (jewelry, millinery and shoes) and donates a portion of its proceeds to the Global Fund for Women, an organization that has assisted Tribal Societé in finding its artisans.

“We’re combining fashion with an effort to help developing countries. It’s talent there and we’re serving as their marketplace.” said Basabe.

With warm, authentic demeanors, Nicole and Alma are content with where Tribal Societé is headed. The site has received amazing feedback and has consumers very anxious about what’s in store.

“We’re totally committed to our customers, so whatever they suggest, we’ll listen. We plan on going above and beyond.” said Basabe.

In the coming months, the women of Tribal Societé will be busy traveling with a United Nations initiative and taking trips to Southeast Asia, South Africa and Thailand to explore its village’s beauty and craftsmanship.

“We want Tribal Societé to give people a chance to appreciate green, affordable, unbranded fashion for what it is.”

Tribal Societé can be found online at .