Trevor/Deleesa May Be the Best Catfish on ‘The Circle’ Ever—Here’s Her Real Instagram

"The Circle" 2021: Deleesa & Trevor
Photo: Netflix.

Hook, line and sinker. Trevor/Deleesa from The Circle could be the best catfish the show has ever had in its two seasons. Ahead is what to know about the couple and the woman pretending to be her husband for $100K.

For those who haven’t watched The Circle before, here’s how the show works: The Circle, which is based on the British reality TV competition of the same name, premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2020. In the first episode, eight or so contestants—who are a mix of real people and catfishes—move into their own isolated apartments within The Circle building, where they can only communicate with other contestants via The Circle, a social media-like computer program that transcribes their messages into text.

Each week, the contestants are asked to rank their fellow contestants. The two highest ranked contestants are named “influencers” and have the power to “block” and eliminate another contestant from the Circle. One by the one, contestants are blocked until there is one contestants left, who is named the top influencer and is awarded $100,000.

So that’s an explainer on how The Circle works. Ahead is what we know about Trevor/Deleesa from The Circle and why they may be the show’s best catfish ever.

Who is Trevor/Deleesa from The Circle?

Deleesa Carrasquillo is 32-year-old from The Bronx, New York City, who is catfishing as her husband, Trevor. In the first episode of The Circle season 2, Deleesa described her husband as “handsome” but not “considered as a threat.” Unlike in real life, where Trevor is a married man, Deleesa is playing him as a single father to their daughter, Toni. Deleesa explained that she’s catfishing as her husband because “men have it so easy” on social media.

Below is Trevor/Deleesa’s Circle profile:

“Left my hood for the best hood #Fatherhood. Single but my 1 year old is the LOML. I like to drink Hennessy, go on adventures (25 countries and counting) and turn boring times into good times. #IAmAFunGuy #GirlDad.”

What is Trevor/Deelesa’s job and Instagram?

In the first episode, Deleesa revealed that she’s a stay-at-home mom. In Trevor’s Circle profile, however, she listed his occupation as “Customer Service.” On her Instagram @leesaunique, Deleesa, who also goes by Leesa Unique, describes herself as a “mompreneur.” She also lists her occupation as a “video creator” for several YouTube channels. Deleesa’s YouTube channels include her main channel, Leesa Unique, where she has 25,000 subscribers (at the time of writing this) and posts story times, as well as beauty tutorials. Leesa also has a family vlog channel with 16,000 subscribers, called The Saints Family, where she and Trevor upload with their daughter. The couple also have three more YouTube channels: The Saints Family Too, which is more about their daughter, Trev & Leesa, which focuses on vlogs about their relationship, and Shhh Leesa ASMR, an ASMR channel.

Along with her YouTube channels, Leesa also seems to make money from her Cameo, where she charges $50 for a video and $2.99 for DMs. Finally, Deleesa also has an online boutique,, where she sells clothes, hair products, lash products, nail products, pajamas and accessories.

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