Ke$ha: Blue Lipstick On the Red Carpet, Do Or A Don’t?

Bee Shyuan

Photo: George Napolitano, FilmMagic

Ke$ha isn’t a pop star that’s known for sticking to the usual route her name has a dollar sign after all that’s better suited for gangsta rap. But Casio apparently liked her irreverent ways and recently named her the new Casio brand ambassador. Sporting Baby G-Shocks by the armload, the blonde Los Angeles-native walked the red carpet for last night’s Casio “Shock the World” event in NYC. “Shock” being the operative word of the night, Ke$ha was certainly in a shocking sort of mood with blue eyes, blue stripes on her left upper arm and more notably, very blue Smurf lips. We’re prone to say this is one huge beauty blunder, but are we being too staid? Sound out your thoughts in the comments below!

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