Trendsetting Super Bowl Commercials, The Best of The Best


Over here at StyleCaster we’re always looking for the next trend. And while fashion week is just around the corner, there’s no better barometer for what we’ll be talking about around the water cooler (or let’s get real, Facebook) than the commercials playing between that game thingy on Sunday.

The Great Wassup Ad of 2000. Yes, it’s as good as you remembered.

Ooopps, she sang about Pepsi, and it stuck in your head. Spoiler alert: she drinks the Pepsi and dances a lot, and it’s awesome.

Thank you for being a good sport. I hope whoever thought to put Betty White in this ad got a corner office.

This is what a viral video looks like, before we all wanted to catch viruses. I think she’s sporting early American Apparel.