Trend Report: Menswear Takes A Front Seat

Liz Doupnik

So, we have a couple days of fashion week under our belts, and we have to say, we’ve been pretty impressed so far. Maybe it’s because we’re finally on the upswing after the recession or maybe because Valentine’s Day or maybe it’s because it’s 2012, but designers are really pulling out all the stops.

Trends from westerners to 1940’s boudoir to the Rolling Stones have strutted down the runway (and that’s just to name a few of the looks we’ve seen!) But there seems to be one huge overriding trend we’ve been seeing interpreted in some pretty cool ways: menswear.

Is this a new concept? No. But, we have to say, we love the way designers are really putting their own spin on it. We decided to share with you some of our favorite renditions we’ve seen thus far (although we’re pretty sure there’s much more to come!) Click through the slideshow to see some major masculine moments from this fashion week!