Fashion Overload: 7 Trends We’re Ready To Retire

Ryley Tice
Fashion Overload: 7 Trends We’re Ready To Retire
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Look, we’re all victim to the latest trends (even if they’re a stretch for our personal style). Rewind to last February when spring fashion hit the racks, we were at first completely stoked to see similar looks to what we salivated over during fashion week. But then alas, we started becoming way too used to seeing the same look over and over again (what’s the problem with thinking outside of the box once in a while?)

I confess, even I’m totally guilty. The pink floral jeans I claimed a necessity in March aren’t even an option to wear in this 80+ degree temperatures. My red velvet lace up jazz shoes have been relocated to my storage unit and not just because they left horrific blisters on my ankles. I’ve found to avoid such catastrophes I’ve started to incorporate some of the season’s fads in a more demure way that is totally simpler — and way more economical.

With the dreadful task of closet cleaning upon us, we have compiled a thorough list of trends we simple cannot stand to see any longer. Click through our list in the gallery above of looks we’ll be happy to retire.

What trends do you think are a snooze fest? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Been there, done that. Pleated skirts are definitely played out.

Photo: Hunter & Gatti/Fashion Gone Rogue

While neon accents are still tolerable, full neon looks have become a little too hard on the eye.

Photo: Kacper Kasprzyk/Fashion Gone Rogue

We've totally been brainwashed into our obsession with all things tribal. Though turquoise jewelry and Indian-inspired bracelets are timeless, tribal patterns for clothing are so yesterday.

Photo: Sarra Fleur/Fashion Gone Rogue

Color blocking has gotten too easy. Don't be a cop-out! Throw pattern into an outfit to avoid boredom.

Photo: Sarra Fleur/Fashion Gone Rogue

Floral pieces definitely excite spring looks. However, the clashing and juxtaposing patterns seen on many fashion bloggers today gives us a headache.

Photo: Zara Lookbook/Fashion Gone Rogue

Multi-finger rings sparked a huge interest among jewelry fanatics but they now seem to have lost their luster. Instead choose bright, cocktail rings to accent an outfit.

Photo: Free People Look Book/Fashion Gone Rogue

Jazz shoe inspired lace ups have had their moment in the limelight. Flatter your masculine side and wear wing tips or brogues instead.

Photo: Josh Olins/Fashion Gone Rogue

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