Links to Click: Victoria Beckham’s Treadmill Desk, Inside SJP’s Brownstone, More

Sarah Barnes
Photo: Twitter/@victoriabeckham

Photo: Twitter/@victoriabeckham

The Internet today served up all sorts of celebrity drama and entertaining stories. Read on!

1. So this is how Victoria Beckham stays in such great shape! The fashionistas tested out a treadmill desk in her signature 5-inch heels, and she looks pretty good doing it. [People]

2. No surprise here! Sarah Jessica Parker’s West Village brownstone is incredibly chic and we kind of wish we could live in it.  [The Vivant]

3. LOL! These KTLA news anchors reacting to the Los Angeles earthquake is the best thing you’ll see all day. [Youtube]

4. Playboy model, Liz Dickson is suing the magazine for being struck in the butt with a golf club during a photoshoot. In all fairness, her butt was serving as the golf tee. [Gawker]

5. Forget unruly, frizzy manes in the morning! These 10 tips will make everyday a great hair day. [Beauty High]

6. South Korean photographer, Ji Yeo captures the dark and unsettling side of plastic surgery patients post-op. [Wired]

7. Miley Cyrus rolls a joint in the studio, because she’s Miley Cyrus. [Instagram]

8. Get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and steal these beauty secrets from Irish women. [Daily Makeover]

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