Kylie Jenner Didn’t Join Travis Scott At The ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Premiere & We’re Confused

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott.
Photo: Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood celebrated its Los Angeles premiere on July 22 and many stars were in attendance. Margot Robbie looked fierce as usual BTW. But people quickly noticed that Travis Scott was there but Kylie Jenner was absent. And now fans want to know…what gives? Scott made an appearance on the red carpet solo at Quentin Tarantino’s film debut, and naturally, people looked next for a sighting of the youngest self-made billionaire to-date. Unfortunately, it looked like Jenner had stayed home and avoided the premiere all together. But it wasn’t because she and Scott couldn’t find a sitter for their daughter Stormi, apparently the two planned his solo appearance.

The couple decided that having Scott arrive solo at the event would be a good move for his publicity. “Kylie and Travis discussed him attending the premiere and felt it was a great opportunity for him to gain some publicity and exposure,” a source told HollywoodLife exclusively. “The premiere was a huge night in Hollywood and a star-studded event where every A-lister was attending.”

“However, they also felt it was best for Kylie to stay back and not attend this time around,” the source continued, “because they felt she would have stolen the spotlight and not given Travis the limelight. It was a win-win for both of them because Kylie had a great time playing with Stormi and Travis got to network, be in the spotlight, photographed, etc.”

Travis Scott

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Another source added that while red carpet events and premiere might sound glamorous, it’s also taxing. So Jenner didn’t mind missing the event at all. “Kylie does not love going out and doing red carpets,” says the second Jenner/Kardashian insider. “They make her really nervous. Most of the time, she’d rather just skip it. She’s really more of a homebody. She’d honestly just rather be with Stormi over a fancy Hollywood event.”

We’re sure she’ll check out the movie in theaters!