Travis Barker May Have Gotten Kourtney’s Handwriting Tattooed on His Thigh & Here’s Proof

Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker
Photo: Courtesy of Everett Collection.

Just over a month after Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian went Instagram official, the Blink-182 drummer has revealed a new tattoo that has Kourt’s stamp of approval—and, er, penmanship?

Some fans are convinced that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 41, is behind her beau’s new ink, and here’s why: The tattoo, which reads “You’re So Cool!” with a small heart next to it, looks a lot like Kourtney’s handwriting according to some social media users. Fans first caught a glimpse of her handwriting in February 2021, when Travis, 45, shared a…rather intense note from Kourtney to his Instagram Stories that read, “To lots of fun adventures, may we destroy each other completely. Love, Kourtney.” When the time the musician shared a short video clip of himself putting the finishing touches on his new thigh tat, fans were already swarming the comments section with their theories: “We all know that Kourt wrote that,” one person shared. Another fan wrote, “Kourtney wrote that huh,” while someone else declared, “It’s tattoo official.” But is it?

While many fans were convinced that the tattoo was handwritten by Kourtney, it seems more like that it was modeled after a note in Quentin Tarantino’s 1993 film, True Romance. For those unfamiliar with the movie, Patricia Arquette plays a character named Alabama, who, in one scene of the movie that takes place at the Beverly Ambassador Hotel, decides to slide a note on a napkin to Clarence, a character played by Christian Slater. And, you guessed it: her note also read, “You’re so cool!”

Travis even dropped a hint for fans in his caption to his March 26 post, where he revealed a sneak peek into the process behind his latest ink. “I like you, Clarence. Always have. Always will,” he wrote, which of course, happens to be a line from True Romance.

But even if Kourtney isn’t behind the note itself, per se, it may be a tribute to her after all: The Poosh founder and rockstar have bonded over the film on social media before, with Kourtney sharing a still from the movie to her Instagram in January 2021. For his part, Travis replied, “You’re so cool!” So, at the very least, it’s an inside thing they both seem to share!

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