Travel Diary: Volcanoes, Lava Fields, and Serious Seafood in Iceland

Blair Pfander

There will always be room in my heart for steamy, 80 plus degree getaways in Tulum or Phuket, though I also crave the dramatic landscapes, icy adventures and cozy cups of hot chocolate that only come with cold-weather travel destinations.
Like in Iceland, for example. With over 800 volcanoes, spouting geysers, steamy hot springs, and a budding restaurant scene, a trip to this tiny island nation feels like falling through the wardrobe into Narnia (and indeed, three out of four Icelanders believe elves and trolls live in the mountains surrounding Reykjavik).
I spent a week floating in the Blue Lagoon and chowing down on fresh blue ling kebabs in this glacial fairytale city. Here, my top picks for your next Far North adventure.

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