Top 25 Travel Blogs

Leah Bourne

Top25_ArticleThere are thousands upon thousands of travel blogs out there, but some have risen to the top of the pack. Here, the top 25 travel blogs that anyone with a touch of wanderlust should have on their radar—from the blog that chronicles new hotel openings before anyone else to the foodie turned full time traveler who chronicles every meal along the way.
1. A Hotel Life
Twitter: @AHotelLife
Instagram: AHotelLife
Created by Ben Pundole, who opened Montauk’s Ruschmeyer’s in 2010, and has more than a decade of working for Ian Schrager under his belt, the site profiles the world’s hottest hotels curated by leading tastemakers like DJ Chelsea Leyland and artist Curtis Kulig. From a cool just opened motel in Rockaway Beach New York to a design hotel Tokyo, the picks will make you want to jump on a plane immediately.
2. A Luxury Travel Blog
Twitter: @Luxury_Travel
Instagram: N/A
With the tagline: “For those who enjoy the finer things in life,” this should be your online destination if you are on the hunt for the hottest luxury hotels in Dubai, Kenyan safari destinations, and what it is like to travel by private jet.


Photo Via Anthony Bourdain

3. Anthony Bourdain
Twitter: @Bourdain
Instagram: AnthonyBourdain
Leave it to this chef and TV personality who is seemingly always on the road to have a must follow Tumblr blog. From tasting chocolate in Peru (based on a recommendation from famed Chef Eric Ripert) to posting photos of a trip to the Congo, Bourdain really lives what he preaches in regards to travel.
4. Beers & Beans
Twitter: @BeersandBeans
Instagram: BeersandBeans
Created in conjunction between a photographer and a journalist, this personal travel blog features posts like “7 Things I Learned By Taking A Walk Though A Roman Market” along with helpful tips like which travel apps to make sure to download to your iPhone.
5. Camels & Chocolate
Twitter: @LunaticatLarge
Instagram: LunaticatLarge
Created by journalist Krista Luna, this blog is organized by destination (ranging from Ghana to Ecuador) and it provides firsthand tips from Luna’s adventures around the world. Coming to Camels & Chocolate is like getting advice from your go-to jet-set friend.


Photo Via Candice Does the World

6. Candice Does the World
Twitter: @CandiceWalsh
Instagram: N/A
Based in Eastern Canada, Candice Walsh’s blog is chock full of travel experiences and photos from adventures from Jamaica to Cyprus. Another reason this blog is a must-read? Walsh is seriously hysterical.
7. Classe Touriste
Twitter: @ClasseTouriste
Instagram: N/A
Created in conjunction between writer Debbi Pappyn and photographer David De Vleeschauwer, this highly curated blog includes jaw-dropping photos from trips including a safari in the polar dessert to North Korea.

6205513816 e5e11afbce Top 25 Travel Blogs

Via The Cranky Flier

8. The Cranky Flier
Twitter: @CrankyFlier
Instagram: N/A
The Cranky Flier founder Brett Snyder is a veteran of air travel (he even proclaims on his blog that he’s “had the airline bug since I was young”). From testing out the JetBlue food offerings to dissecting the new FAA rules and how it will impact travelers, this blog is a must-read for any frequent flyer or wannabe frequent flyer.
9. Double Takes
Twitter: @LaurenKilberg
Instagram: LaurenKilberg
Part design blog, part travel blog, find advice here including how to find the perfect travel tee-shirt to photos of New Zealand captured from a helicopter.
10. The Everywhereist
Twitter: @Everywhereist
Instagram: N/A
Geraldine DeRuiter got laid off from her job, and then started traveling—a lot. DeRuiter likes to write about anything and everything including foreign TV shows and difficult airline experiences. We can’t get enough of DeRuiter’s fun take on travel. A recent post—”A Totally Unhelpful Guide to the Eiffel Tower, Paris”—is a humorous look at what going to the Eiffel Tower is actually like. Take notes.


Photo Via Fox Nomad

11. Fox Nomad
Twitter: @FoxNomad
Instagram: N/A
Really great practical advice (like how to prepare for your first 48 hours in India) is a hallmark of this blog created by Anil Polat who is “on a  journey to visit every country in the world.” He’s well on his way, and even includes an interactive map on his site showing where he has traveled to and where he is going next.
12. Grantourismo!
Twitter: @Gran_Tourismo
Instagram: Grantourismo
Writing and photography team Lara Dunston and Terence Carter’s blog perfectly combines picturesque photos and helpful travel tips like how to pick a boutique hotel. You are going to want to throw out all of your guidebooks after a visit to this site.


Via The Great Affair

13. The Great Affair
Twitter: @CandaceRardon
Instagram: N/A
Candace Rardon is a sketch artist, making her blog one of the most unique and whimsical travel blogs on the web. Her sketches of SouthEast Asia and Japan aren’t to be missed.
14. Hotel Chatter
Twitter: @HotelChatter
Instagram: HotelChatter
No site on the web is as comprehensive when it comes to highlighting new hotel openings around the world. What has us coming back day after day though? Great insider info like what hotels have the best WiFi and the best hotel pools.
15. Leave Your Daily Hell Here
Twitter: @Leavyrdailyhell
Instagram: LeaveYourDailyHell
From great tactical travel advice (like how to save time at the airport) to fun insights like how to backpack as a Vegan—this blog aims to be a space to get inspired and to actually plan a trip. So what are you waiting for?

traveltipsimage Top 25 Travel Blogs

Photo Via Nomadic Matt

16. Nomadic Matt
Twitter: @NomadicMatt
Instagram: NomadicMatt
With the tagline “learn how to travel anywhere cheaply and safely,” the site features travel success stories (like one about a couple who sold everything to travel the world) and advice (like how to spend four days in Madrid). We can’t get enough of Nomadic Matt’s practical advice, which is why this site should be permanently bookmarked.
Twitter: @PeterSGreenberg
Instagram: PeterGreenberg
Besides being the Travel Editor for CBS News, Peter Greenberg also has his own personal travel blog featuring travel advice like how to find your own private island that is actually affordable to what to ask friends before you decide to travel with them.

Via The Perrin Post

18. The Perrin Post
Twitter: @WendyPerrin
Instagram: WendyPerrin
Wendy Perrin, Conde Nast Traveler’s consumer news editor answers travel-minded questions from readers like “What’s the Best Way To See Israel at Christmas?” like only a seasoned traveler could. Her money saving tips for travel are particularly spot on.
19. The Planet D
Twitter: @theplanetd
Instagram: theplanetd
Bloggers Dave and Deb live a nomadic life as a couple, and we are just lucky enough to get to go on the journey with them. From a gelato versus ice cream showdown in Bologna to how to find affordable places to stay in Paris, this blog is as entertaining as it is helpful.
20. The Road Forks
Twitter: @TheRoadForks
Instagram: TheRoadForks
Travel as seen through food is the theme of this must-read blog. From a visit to a spice market in Instanbul to learning to eat like a Zambian local, travel has never looked so tasty.


Photo By John Wreford/Via Roads & Kingdoms

21. Roads & Kingdoms
Twitter: @RoadsKingdoms
Instagram: N/A
This digital travel magazine created by Nathan Thornburgh (contributing writer at Time magazine) and Matt Goulding (the former food editor of Men’s Health and the co-author of the New York Times bestselling series Eat This, Not That) features longform posts and Q&As on everything from the Burmese Civil war to portraits of kitchens around the world.
22. Travel Freak
Twitter: @FreakOutOfTown
Instagram: N/A
From the most colorful beaches in the world to how to travel to London like Daniel Radcliffe (because who wouldn’t want to do that) you are going to want to follow Travel Freak’s advice.

photographic beijing 1 540x359 Top 25 Travel Blogs

Photo Via The Traveling Editor

23. The Traveling Editor
Twitter: @TravelingEditor
Instagram: TravelingEditor
Dylan Lowe offers travel inspiration on his blog The Traveling Editor via some seriously gorgeous photos from his trips around the world.
24. Twenty-Something Travel
Twitter: @20sTravel
Instagram: 20sTravel
Your 20s is the perfect time to travel and Stephanie Yoder is living the travel life full-time and sharing her wisdom with us along the way. Another great part of the blog is fun giveaways it offers like the chance to win a trip to Fiji.
25. The Vacation Gals
Twitter: @TheVacationGals
Instagram: N/A
Three professional travel writers (and moms) share their personal travel adventures, travel tips, and favorite girlfriend getaways on this must-read blog.