How to Wear Your Winter Clothes in the Spring: Nanette Lepore’s Advice

Meghan Blalock

Now that Daylight Savings Time is officially behind us, we can confirm that, eventually, Spring will indeed arrive. And while the arrival of more abundant sunshine and warmer temperatures is certainly something we look forward to celebrating, it can be tough to dress during those weird in-between days when it’s not cold but definitely not warm.

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When we spotted designer Nanette Lepore at Bloomingdale’s launch of their special designer line The Collective in New York, we noticed she did a fantastic job of mixing a very Spring-y dress with a warm pair of tights, and it inspired us to pick her brain on the topic: How can women stylishly transition their wardrobes from winter to Spring?

BLOOMINGDALE'S 59th Street Launches The Collective

Photo: Billy Farrell Agency, Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

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“Put on your pretty frilly dresses and work it out with the tights, and throw on the big sweater. Just start layering up into the looks that you want to eventually get into,” Nanette advises. “I was honestly like, I don’t know if I can pull this off, but it works! Gray tights make everything cooler I think. I think if I weren’t on my way to Bloomie’s, I would have thrown a big wooly sweater over this pretty, springy dress.”

“I think you just want to start feeling [that Spring warmth], even if the weather isn’t cooperating,” she continued. “It’s gonna have to happen sooner or later, so you gotta just push it.”

Click through the gallery above to see Nanette’s perfect winter-meets-spring outfit!