Trands Suits: Warren Buffett’s Mainstay


You’ve probably heard the advice to dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. Well here’s your chance to dress like the most successful investor in history; richest man in the world, billionaire philanthropist, Warren Buffett. That’s not a resume most of us would turn down.

Two years ago while in China, Buffett got fitted for his first Trands suit at the recommendation of a friend.

The brand, which was started by a former Chinese farmer, has benefitted from the influence of its most loyal client. Buffett recently filmed a promotional video for the brand’s site and recommends the suits to friends like, say, Bill Gates. Sales jumped 70 percent after the video was published.

Buffett also happened to be wearing a Trands suit the first time he was complimented on his appearance-at 78 years old. Not to worry, Warren being smart is sexy too.


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