The First Trailer for ‘Fuller House’ Is Here—and Nothing’s Really Changed

In April, John Stamos confirmed that Netflix would be picking up a 13-episode spin-off of beloved ’90s sitcom Full House, and the first—predictably sappy—trailer is here.

The clip opens with familiar shots around San Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge! The trolley a teenaged DJ dangled from while wearing a tie in the last season’s opening credits! That hill where the whole family had a picnic as we faded out on the sweet sounds of “Everywhere you look/Shoo-bee-a-ba-ba-bow!”

We then see the interior of the house—the same one used in the original sitcom—which clearly got a sweet country-home-decor update (so much gingham) and a dog that looks like it may or may not be related to Comet. We don’t see any of the characters, but we hear voices that belong to DJ, Stephanie, and Danny Tanner, as well as Kimmy Gibbler and Uncle Joey outside the door.

Watch the trailer above—even the yellow font is the same!—and get excited for February 26, even though the show will happen without little Michelle, since the Olsen twins wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.