Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson Dishes On Hamptons Style

Spencer Cain

 Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson Dishes On Hamptons Style

While many view the Hamptons simply as a summer destination where they can hit the beach and relax, others call it their full-time home. Case in point: Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who has made a name for herself thanks to the Tracy Anderson Method, an incredibly strenuous workout that clearly pays off—look at her clients like Gwyneth Paltrow if you need confirmation!

Since Anderson is a Hamptons aficionado, not to mention beyond fashionable, she was a natural fit for our new Hamptons’ Most Stylish feature. We couldn’t resist picking her brain for some insider tidbits about the famous town—and of course her style essentials. Read on for more with Tracy Anderson!

StyleCaster: What do the Hamptons mean to you?
Tracy Anderson: To hear “The Hamptons” to me represents an experience or a vacation. To me, Sag Harbor, a lovely community on the bay, is home sweet home. It’s been my home for almost 7 years now. When the season gears up it reminds me of the summer energy when I was a kid growing up in the Midwest and the summer nights were concerts and boating on the lakes. I love its flavor and heartbeat. I enjoy the seasons and savor the times that it is slow because my life moves fast with my career.

I do most of my research and development at home and it is where I am the most creative. I need open space to create and there is space there unlike the cities I have to work in. I need that. People there take you for you too at least in the off season which I love most. Its never about what you do or could do for someone there. I like the consistency and commitment of the community and the people.

What’s your favorite spot in the Hamptons?
La Fondita in Amagansett, Sant Ambroeus in Southampton, and Tutu Il Giornio in Sag Harbor. I grocery shop at Provisions in Sag Harbor; it’s a lovely home grown organic market.

Who in your opinion defines Hamptons style?
Style has a broad spectrum for me. I am quite happy in sweats and worn in jeans. I don’t really do the Hamptons chic thing so I’m probably the worst person to ask! I love the store Rube in the Hamptons in Amagansett. I never see anything in there I don’t like. In the summer I am in bikinis and jean shorts. In the winter I am in MOU boots and bundled up. I do get into my fall sweaters! Love cashmere, a cozy fire, and a glass of wine.

You have less than five minutes to get a bag together of stuff to bring out east—what do you bring?
Well I live there so for me it is the reverse. It’s 5 min to get a bag together for L.A., NYC, Tokyo, London, Paris or beyond! And that is a pain!

What designers are mainstays in your Hamptons wardrobe?
MOU Boots, Aviator Nation sweats, vintage T-shirts and flannels. My guilty pleasures are a Lorno Piana cashmere sweater, and Chinti and Parker and Banjo and Matilda sweaters. I love white cotton dresses in the summer.

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