Tracee Ellis Ross Is Like a Hot Disco Ball in This All-Sequin Get-Up

Maggie Griswold
Tracee Ellis Ross Is Like a Hot Disco Ball in This All-Sequin Get-Up
Photo: John Salangsang/Variety/Shutterstock.

It’s no secret that Tracee Ellis Ross is a sartorial goddess. Based on her 2019 Met Gala look alone—which, in case you forgot, was Ross in a black dress with a literal frame around her face—the celeb has far surpassed many, many others. And it just keeps getting better, because Tracee Ellis Ross wore a sequin dress in an Instagram photo on Tuesday night. Of course, in case you’re thinking this is ~no big deal~ and sequin dresses are a common look, let me remind you of two things: One, this is Tracee Ellis Ross we’re talking about. Anything this woman does is instantly iconic. Two, this was clearly no run-of-the-mill sequin-y ensemble. Ross was decked out to the nines—hair included—and I am (as if it wasn’t obvious already) here for it.

I mean, Tracee Ellis Ross was serving serious ’80s vibes with a definite nod to her mom’s—Diana Ross’—style. With an icon like Diana Ross as your mother, there’s no way you’d wear sequins casually. It’s all out or nothing, and Tracee Ellis Ross certainly went all out. Gold sequins everywhere, hair and makeup done to the absolute nines (or, TBH, tens), this actress basically broke Instagram. And, as if the big hair and sequins weren’t enough, Ross donned a bright pink lip. She did that, y’all. We should all be taking Instagram lessons from Tracee Ellis Ross, because clearly she has the game down pat.

Now, I don’t know why Ross was dressed to host the greatest ’80s theme party of all time or where she was going in that ensemble. I do know, however, that it was absolutely iconic. If I’ve learned anything from this experience, it’s that I need to step up my Instagram game. Tracee, if you have any wisdom, feel free to hit me up, girl.