Tory Burch Holiday Windows: Lite Brite Alert!

Tory Burch Holiday Windows: Lite Brite Alert!
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I am a year-round, serial window shopper ogling a pair of swanky boots I see in one store, feeling up a cashmere sweater I cannot afford in another but as stores slowly reveal their holiday decor, sometimes admiring the totally rad windows is just enough to cheer up my broke ass. As I await the big reveals from the stores along Fifth Ave, Tory Burch‘s holiday window installment leads the way for one of the most psychedelic seasonal setups yet.

In all of her boutiques across the country, Burch, New York-based artist Timothy Paul, and non-profit women’s organization Dress for Success will light up giant pop-art reindeer panels, made entirely of (old school alert) Hasbro Lite Brites! There are 46 installations, which took 4,900 hours and 2,025,000 pegs to create using only seven Lite-Brite colors. As if that doesn’t sound hard enough, just think we had to use those little handy pattern books to make Lite-Brite clowns. Ridiculous!

Burch will also be donating outfits to Dress for Success and letting some lucky ladies pick out $500 worth of items from her store quite the way to kick off the season of giving. With this announcement, I’m officially excited for the holiday season bring on the lights, the glitter and the tinsel garlands!