Get Excited: Topshop Is Coming to More Nordstrom Stores Nationwide

Meghan Blalock
topshop nordstrom

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Avid fans of the British retail mega-brand Topshop already know you can buy limited-edition pieces at select Nordstrom stores and on, but here’s something you might not know: Starting this September, the department store chain will be rolling out the British label at more locations and in higher quantities, according to WWD.

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While the brand’s designs have been available at Nordstrom since July 2012, it was kind of a hush-hush collaboration without any big launches or fanfare. But now, after assessing what’s apparently been the massive success of the rollout, the store will be featuring Topshop apparel in 42 locations nationwide, and Topman in 18 locations. Currently both brands are only offered at 15 locations.

This is a pretty big deal for American shoppers, mainly because currently there are Topshop stand-alone stores only in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Los Angeles, the latter of which just opened this year. According to WWD, the brand will arrive in “more of its larger, urban locations.”

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While, of course, you can currently shop Topshop online, in our experience Nordstrom tends to carry more of Topshop’s relatively high-end pieces, and if you just love to try on clothes before you buy them, this is a big win. Keep your eyes open for more coming news on the rollout this September!