Topshop Brings Louise Goldin on to Design Shoes


So far, 2010 has hit the ground running and is off to an amazing start. Case in point: Louise Goldin designing shoes for Topshop. These shoes have been anticipated by shoe addicts everywhere since they made their catwalk debut during Goldin’s S/S 2010 show during London Fashion Week. The shoes marched down the runway alongside ensembles with pleating details in pastel colors.

Upon viewing the show, it’s hard to say which ones we would covet more, the clothes or the footwear. Either way, we will gladly take the shoes. Set to arrive in stores on Feburary 5, you better scope out your nearest Topshop now, as Goldin’s shoe styles are hard to resist. Goldin put her trademark edgy style on the shoes, encrusting the two featured designs with nontraditional, but nevertheless, fabulous details.

The first to be featured will be a pump style with a studded toe and a diamante around the heel and will be available in a sleek black on black or a softer cream and gold. The second will be the same theme in reverse, with diamante around the toe, and studs surrounding the heel, available in a light rose color. The stud and diamante combination is an interesting take on girly glamour, mixed with a hard rocker edge, making the subtle statement: “Yes I am feminine, but if you mess with me, I will punch you…oh, and I’m stylish.” If anyone could translate such an extensive message into a shoe, it’s Louise Goldin. Thank you Topshop, you never disappoint us.

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