Tops in 2011: IT Kids, Jared Leto & More

Jessica Rubin

Ah, what a year for mating, dating and generally asking ourselves “WTF?!?” when it came to all the things we watched people do. And while we were mystified by hispters, hung out at Coachella and got our heart broken by a few lost souls, we did find time to write some fun lifestyle stories that totally rocked your reading list:

Among the rumors that Jada and Will Smith had called it quits, we stopped to look at the institution of marriage itself.

We take you inside the world of media and highlight this year’s top 25 IT kids.

Let’s examine the most common mistakes women make in bed.

The ultimate music party of the year, check out our party snaps from Coachella.

StyleCaster threw a raging holiday party. But no, Jared Leto wasn’t there.

Ah, the elusive hipster. We break the type down, point by point.

Think you’ve settled in your relationship? Here’s why.

Playboy reveals how many virgins are left in this shocking survey.

You’re on a first date and you’re getting mixed signals. Here are 7 signs he’s just not that into you.

Wanna know how to get under her skin? Here are 10 ways to piss off a woman. (Try at your own risk.)

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