The Top Trends of the Past Decade: From 2000 to 2009


One of the best parts about going home for the holidays is getting to hang out with family, bake cookies, and look at old photographs of your parents wearing bell bottoms and rocking mullets. Am I right? We all know that this tradition will happen someday with our own kids, but what about the past decade? Are there any trends we rocked in the ’00s that make us cringe right now, or do we hold steadfast to our every sartorial choice? Here is a look back at the most memorable trends from 2000 until now. We’ll let you decide…

Leggings (above):

They started as a laughable celebrity trend, sometimes paired with leg warmers, sometimes under dresses, and sometimes worn as pants (jeggings, anyone?). Time has proven however–as has Lindsay Lohan–that leggings are here to stay, in some form or another.

The Homeless Look:

Just a few years ago, when MK and A were in the midst of transitioning from tween stars to college students to real women, they covered themselves in huge cardigans, swam in torn leggings, and covered their eyes with ginormous sunglasses. Unsure of how to respond, many fans followed suit.


For that little Sid Vicious in all of us, everything within the last few years from bags, to jeans, to undies has been studded to high heaven. Studded is the new Bedazzled. Just don’t sit down on them, please.

Gender Bending:

When Marc Jacobs started wearing kilts and skirts, people gasped, then they got over it. They embraced it. We even paired those infamous leggings under a giant men’s shirt, and this past fall saw mens trousers for women cropping up all over the runways. And right now, it’s all about the boyfriend blazer. H&M jumped on this trend with full enthusiasm and began production of mens skirts for their spring 2010 collection.

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Holy, neon, Batman. Last summer, New York looked like the highlighter aisle at Staples. Thanks to designers like Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, and of course our favorite basics brand American Apparel, you could blind your most evil enemy with just a flash of your hot pink tee.


Or “vintage.” Does anyone really know how old a piece has to be to be considered vintage? People in the ’00s, as well as Rachel Zoe, use the term vintage to explain old and either super expensive or inexpensive pieces that have been worn before. Besides “chic,” “vintage” was the most overused word of the ’00s.

Destroyed Denim:

They tell us to take out our teen angst and do something productive with it, which is why plenty of twenty-somethings took a razor to their favorite pair of jeans. Or, they went one lazy step further and bought them pre-destroyed. Smells like teen spirit.


For the drag queen in all of us, a little sparkle goes a long way, and it definitely did, from small embellishments at stores like American Eagle, to full-on red sequined pants by Pencey.

Dresses Over Jeans:

Remember this? Wearing a babydoll dress over a pair of skinny or slightly flared jeans and how it kind of made you look like your high school art teacher, with a smock and crazy eyes? We recommend leaving this trend back in the 00’s, where it belongs.

Mad Men Inspired Fashion:
Arguably the best influence on American men’s sartorial choices since, well, the 1950s themselves, Mad Men has brought a bit of class back into the act of dressing. Women haven’t gone unaffected either. Take Dolce & Gabanna’s fall 2009 runway collection for example, for which models donned ladylike polka dot dresses and delicate hats down the catwalk. We hope this one’s a trend that will last beyond the ’00s and into 2010.

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