Top 10 Fashion Trucks Coast to Coast

Carolyn Englar
Top 10 Fashion Trucks Coast to Coast
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Who would’ve thought that fashionistas could make such great truck drivers? Jumping on the popular food truck bandwagon, fashion trucks have now become all the rage in most major US cities. These trendy trucks offer an amazing selection of one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories, and are headed to a street corner near you!
From a refurbished school bus in Dallas selling Mad Men-inspired frocks, to a double decker bus in Portland, fashion trucks are popping up all over the United States. Most of these vehicles carry a mix of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, and some even offer a unique selection of menswear and houseware items.
Why shop in a truck when there are perfectly good stores that, you know, aren’t on wheels, you might ask? Well, for a few reasons.
First off, to risk stating the obvious, these trucks are mobile. They get to share their wares with way more people than a traditional stand up boutique. Don’t feel like schlepping across town to shop? Just follow your favorite fashion truck on Twitter and wait for them to come to you! And since these trucks can only hold a handful of people at a time, they make for a way more intimate shopping experience than your typical retail store.
Plus, let’s face it: there is a total novelty factor at play here. Whether it brings you back to your school bus-riding days, or is reminiscent of your favorite childhood ice cream truck, the idea of shopping in a truck is just way more appealing than shopping in a packed mall or department store.
So whether you’re going for more of an east coast hipster vibe or searching for some stylish beachwear out west, there is a fashion truck out there to fit any style, on any coast. And to keep your hair looking flawless while you shop, make sure to use CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ for some extra shine!
We narrowed down our top 10 favorite fashion trucks of the moment, where you’re guaranteed to find something special to add to your wardrobe. Check out our slideshow for pics and info on our favorite finds–happy shopping!
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Go around the country with us to get a glimpse at some of our favorite mobile fashion trucks.

Le Fashion Truck - Los Angeles
Los Angeles’ first mobile boutique, co-creators Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo opened Le Fashion Truck almost two years ago. This pretty pink truck carries lines from several up-and-coming L.A. designers, and Romo even sells some of her own pieces from her vintage-inspired jewelry line Alex & Vina.

Photo: Michael Lemmon/Michael Lemmon

TopShelf - San Francisco
TopShelf - "Wear fashion rolls!" This trendy truck can be found all around San Francisco and the Bay area, making regular appearances at street fairs, festivals, and Happy Hour pop-ups at local bars. Shopping on the go has never been easier!

Photo: Brandon McGanty/Brandon McGanty

Therapie Boutique – San Diego
Talk about retail therapy! Therapie Boutique is bringing style on the go to busy women all over sunny San Diego. Owner Kelly Carney has converted this twnty-seven-foot RV into a shopping haven, with a fun selection of frilly dresses and funky accessories, perfect for any California girl.

Photo: Kelly Carney/Kelly Carney

Lodekka - Portland
Housed in a 1965 British double decker bus, Lodekka offers a great selection of vintage items picked out personally by owner Erin Sutherland. Launched back in October 2010, Lodekka houses funky feminine clothes and accessories, as well as some menswear. And as an added bonus, most pieces sell for under $65, so this bus won’t bust your wallet!

Photo: Ryan Flood/Ryan Flood

The Vintage Mobile - Dallas
A stylish (and green!) take on the classic school bus, The Vintage Mobile was created by adorable eco-conscious couple Jeremy and Kelsey Turner back in 2010. They hand-pick all their items, from vintage clothing to quirky house wears, ranging in style from the 50s to the 80s. And, like any good Texan couple, they carry a great range of cowboy boots!

Photo: Nicholas Leitzinger/Nicholas Leitzinger

Bootleg Austin
Having styled for the runway, magazines and celebrities, former fashion editor Sarah Ellison Lewis knows a good shoe when she sees one. At Bootleg Austin, shoppers can browse an amazing selection of shoes handpicked by Ellison herself. From sexy Raphael Young ankle boots to casual Opening Ceremony flats, this truck would give Carrie Bradshaw’s closet a run for its money!

Photo: Bootleg Austin/Bootleg Austin

The Trunk - Nashville
Nashville is known for its music scene, but it’s also becoming a great city for budding fashionistas! Designers Abigail Franklin and Kyah Hillis opened Nashville's first fashion truck earlier this year, and offer a funky mix of local Nashville accessory designers, including women's accessory brand Sleeveless and men's accessory brand State. Check out The Trunk next time you’re down south - after all, jewelry and bluegrass do make for a stellar combination.

Photo: Brianne O'Neill/Brianne O'Neill

StyleLiner – New York City
From potato chips to vintage jewels? Yup, you read right. StyleLiner founder Joey Wolffer made it happen when she converted a twenty-foot potato chip truck into an accessory-lovers dream. With an 80s night-club décor, this truck also knows how to travel in style, making stops in the Hamptons during the summer and in Palm Beach, Florida during the winter months.

Photo: Connie Zhou/Connie Zhou

The Fashion Truck - Boston
Two years ago, Emily Benson's parents said to her, "You don't need to go to graduate school. You just need a great idea." And with that, The Fashion Truck was born! Based in the Boston area, The Fashion Truck offers a curated mix of stylish women's apparel and accessories, all at under $100!

Photo: Boston Travis Barnard/Boston Travis Barnard

The Fashion Mobile – Minnesota
Husband and wife duo Teresa and David Grim started up The Fashion Mobile earlier this summer, and have been bringing mobile fashion to the Midwest ever since. The Grims traded in their traditional retail store for a vibrant turquoise truck, where they can now bring their goods directly to customers at various festivals and private parties around town.

Photo: The Fashion Mobile Minn/The Fashion Mobile Minn

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