I Tried Over 30 Face Masks & These Are The Ones I’d Recommend

Bella Gerard
I Tried Over 30 Face Masks & These Are The Ones I’d Recommend
Photo: Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

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As a fashion editor, I receive a lot of PR packages. Prior to April 2020, they included everything from sneakers to beauty products to handbags, but now, my mail is overflowing with face mask send-outs. And believe me, I’m not complaining! Being able to try out face masks from a variety of brands has helped me figure out exactly what I do and don’t like, and I feel confident that my top-rated face masks are some of the best picks that money can buy.

When the pandemic first hit, I impulse-ordered the first masks I could get my hands on, and lo and behold, they weren’t that great. I switched to disposables, but didn’t like how wasteful they were, so I started buying more and more masks to find ones I loved. Soon enough, hundreds of clothing brands started producing their own masks, and by way of both my shopping addiction and my PR packages, I’ve since amassed a collection from about 30 or so different brands.

Real talk, though? I have maybe 50 masks from 30 different brands and I find myself reaching for the same five over and over again. That’s why I don’t hesitate to list my top-rated face masks—the proof is in my desire to wear them! If I’d sooner wash my favorite mask than wear an already-clean one from another brand, I know for sure it’s one I feel comfortable recommending to friends (and to you!).

With that, read on for my top-rated face masks, along with some honest Pros and Cons for each. If you haven’t found The One, I urge you to try at least one of my picks. Depending on what you’re looking for, any of the lightweight, breathable face masks below could be a major game-changer. Thank you in advance for wearing a mask!

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Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask

STYLECASTER | top rated face masks

Courtesy of Uniqlo.

This, my friends, is my top-rated face mask of all time. *Kanye Voice* OF ALL TIME! I wrote a dedicated review on just how much I love the Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask, and it’s the mask I recommend to friends most often. Great for everyday errands, walks around town or hitting the gym. This is definitely my lightest, most comfortable mask.

Pros: Super lightweight and breathable, wicks away moisture and protects against UV rays.

Cons: I have the White, which is terrible for makeup, but they come in Black and Gray, too.


Herschel Supply Co. Classic Fitted Face Mask

STYLECASTER | top rated face masks

Courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.

At first glance, the Herschel Supply Co. Classic Fitted Face Masks don’t look like anything special, but I’ve found they’re some of the most comfortable masks for me to wear, so I’d highly recommend them. I also really like that they have a darker inside, because as someone who wears a lot of makeup, a white inner can do me dirty (literally).

Pros: Great fit, super comfortable, comes with a connection lock for your ear loops.

Cons: Still not as lightweight as my beloved AIRism fabric, but all in all a great option.


Mackage Upcycled Face Cover

STYLECASTER | top rated face masks

Courtesy of Mackage.

When I first saw the Mackage Face Masks, I didn’t know how to feel, but after one wear I was obsessed. Not only are they made from upcycled materials, but they feature adjustable straps and a piece of fabric called a nosestrip that allows the mask to sit on top of the nose instead of smushing against it. Know what I mean?

Pros: A great mask for lipstick-lovers, as the nosestrip ensures the mask doesn’t touch my mouth.

Cons: Definitely the most expensive mask I own, but given the unique structure, I’d still recommend it.


SKIMS Seamless Face Mask

STYLECASTER | top rated face masks

Courtesy of SKIMS.

The SKIMS Seamless Face Masks were the third masks I purchased for myself, and they’ve stood the test of time against so many of the masks I was gifted. They’re super lightweight and breathable, and I love the neutral color options. That said, the Onyx is my go-to black mask (everyone needs one!).

Pros: Easy to clean, breathable and incredibly affordable at $8 a pop.

Cons: Not the most flattering aesthetically because there’s no structure, but they feel great.


Lele Sadoughi Face Mask

STYLECASTER | top rated face masks

Courtesy of Lele Sadoughi.

When I’m going ~out into the world~ for a socially-distanced hang with my friends, I always take my Lele Sadoughi Face Mask with me. So many of the pretty masks I’ve tried are heavy, but LS’s manage to be both cute and breathable. I have one with faux pearl embellishments, and I find my mask actually adds to my outfit, while so many take away from it.

Pros: The cutest masks money can buy. I said what I said! You can even buy a matching headband.

Cons: The material is not as breathable as, say, the AIRism fabric, but it’s still super thin and light.


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