Top Chefs’ Tips On What Food To Serve For the Super Bowl

Caroline McCloskey

518097842 cv1 Top Chefs Tips On What Food To Serve For the Super BowlSure, the Super Bowl is about the game, but let’s get real, it is also about the food you eat while watching the game. We caught up with top chefs David Burke, Marc Forgione, and Michael Psilakis at the #PepCity Super Bowl event, for their top tips on what to serve and how to survive game day in the kitchen with aplomb.
1. Have Fun With It.  Don’t simply stick to the basic Super Bowl party fare. Unexpected ingredients can create delightful dishes that will bring  adventure to the Super Bowl experience. New York native Chef Marc Forgione, for instance, is known for his unique take on the American steakhouse. He suggests unexpected dishes for the Super Bowl like curry lamb ribs with lemongrass rice.
2. No Silverware Allowed. Chef Burke told us that “an important aspect to Super Bowl foods is that they can be handheld. Things like tacos, chicken wings, kabobs—you don’t want to have to be worrying about using a knife and fork.” The famous chef and restaurateur suggests serving items like bacon tacos.
3. When In Doubt, Pancakes. Pancakes, is Chef Burke’s suggestion for those looking for a tasty and easy Super Bowl treat. “You can put anything in a pancake. People love that idea because you’re making it—you didn’t buy it. It’s a little more fun than making a sandwich. They’re easy too. You can make the pancake flavorful by adding herbs, mustard, cheese, or even crushed potato chips to the batter. Then add whatever else you like, fold it, and you have a nice, new kind of sandwich.”
4. Accommodate Vegetarian Friends. Chef Psilakis notes that Super Bowl fare is often not vegetarian friendly. “You want to go and have fun and it’s hard for vegetarians with Super Bowl food—everything is chili, hot dogs, burgers.” Many of Psilakis’s signature dishes are vegetarian friendly, so he suggests Super Bowl foods that appeal to everyone like falafel. “I knew I wanted it to be spicy and fun and I think the falafel really captures that. It’s easy to eat as well as it is to make.”
5. Get Out Of The Kitchen. According to Psilakis, “If there is one tip I would give to anybody for Super Bowl food it would be to try to make things that are going to be easy enough so that you too can take part in watching the game. So many years I’ve been away in the kitchen immersed in the food the entire time. However, I think a great part of the food experience is the intimacy.”
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