Top Chef Padma Lakshmi Still Pulling Salman Rushdie’s Heartstrings After All This Time


Controversial novelist Salman Rushdie still loves his fourth wife, Top Chef host and supermodel Padma Lakshmi, according to his ex-girlfriend Pia Glenn. The Broadway star had moved into Rushdie’s New York apartment back in January, after months of his pursuit, only to have the relationship sour due to Rushdie’s enduring obsession with Lakshmi, from whom he has been divorced since 2004. His fixation with the pregnant TV host culminated in the novelist unexpectedly breaking up with Glenn over a single e-mail back in June. Although initially heartbroken, the Spamalot actress is now calling the novelist “cowardly, dysfunctional, and immature.” No word on Lakshmi’s take on all of this, though we’re hoping she steers clear of this disaster and focuses on a healthy, happy pregnancy.