Links to Click: Top Celeb Halloween Costumes, How Water Can Change Skin, More

Meghan Blalock

rihanna halloween costume

The Internet today provided us with the best of Halloween night, yes, but so much more! Read on.

1. From Rihanna as what appears to be zombie 2Pac to Heidi Klum’s incredible grandma costume, here are the absolute best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013. [The Cut]

2. One woman drank more water and after four weeks her skin looked completely different. Drink up ladies! [Daily Makeover]

3. There’s now a full song based on the viral Instagram video of the mega-fan shouting “Yasssss!” at Lady Gaga. It’s amazing. [SoundCloud]

4. The Olsen twins are launching their first-ever fragrance for adults, exclusively for Sephora. [Beauty High]

5. Pet lovers, rejoice! Pottery Barn has just added a line of chic pet products to their lineup. [Racked]

6. Throwing holiday parties this year and don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing? Here are 10 quick and easy Fall centerpieces for you. [The Vivant]

7. There was an Internet Cat Film Festival in Brooklyn. Here are the best outfits from it. [BuzzFeed]