Top Bloggers To Watch Right Now – November Picks!

Top Bloggers To Watch Right Now – November Picks!
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Blogger lovers behold these are our November picks for who you should have your eyes on for inspiration. From Cali to New York to Italy and multiple cities in between, these five style influencers are leading the pack when it comes to personal style. Click through the chic to get a better look at our favorite looks from some of the top bloggers on our radars at the moment. And don’t forget to let us know your top pick in the comments below!

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Song of Style: This is one classic Cali girl who isn't all bikinis and fake tans. As far as we can tell, Aimee's got a closet full of tough-girl accessories, lacy underthings, sheer skirts, feminine blazers and delicious leather goods we'd consider trading our right arms for – well, hypothetically at least. We guarantee you'll go on a clicking frenzy once you start perusing her awesome style.

What Is Reality Anyway: When you hang out on the reg with partyers like Mark The Cobrasnake, Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, Harley Viera Newton and Becka Diamond, you kind of have to be stylish by association, right? Well, something tells us that Krystal Simpson of What Is Reality Anyway doesn't need fashionable friends to be so herself. We're especially partial to the looks she's sported that seem straight out of our boyfriend's closets. Menswear-inspired at its best.

What I Wore: Jessica Quirk of What I Wore is a different breed of fashion blogger. She's smily, not moody, doesn't seem to take herself too seriously, and wears outfits on a daily basis that are chic, affordable and most importantly, relatable to the average gal (meaning, you could potentially make a grocery store run without getting ogled at like a crazy person for wearing a Louis Vuitton inspired bow on your head). Jessica recently got married, posted all the gorgeous pics to her site and we died! Gotta love the Interwebs!

The Cherry Blossom Girl: Clicking through page after page of The Cherry Blossom Girl's (aka Alix's) site is like witnessing the life of a princess living in a magical world where colors are saturated to perfection, every object seems edible and the elegance present is practically tangible. Not only does Alix style her outfits, but she takes all of the photographs you see on the site herself. The inspiration here is endless.

The Blonde Salad: The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni may have a Barbie doll as her blog's logo, but her style is anything but fake American. This Italian blondie wears the Miu Miu sharp collared blouse we dreamt of all last season and carries her quilted Chanels (yes – multiple) with ease and elegance. Get a little peek into her fabulous Euro lifestyle on her blog.

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