Top 5 Reasons Paula Abdul Should Not Return to American Idol


It’s no big secret that Paula Abdul will not be returning to American Idol for season nine, especially because she’s been tweeting about it since Monday. E! News reports the American Idol crew’s sadness and includes tweets from Ryan Seacrest. One might wonder why Ryan Seacrest found out from Twitter that Abdul was not returning. We’ll get to that. Anyway, Is it wrong that we’re somewhat happy with Fox’s decision to drop Abdul…I mean her decision to drop Idol? Looks like she’s not going to Hollywood.

Here are the top five reasons Paula Abdul should not return to American Idol:

1. “With sadness in my heart, I’ve decided not to return to #IDOL. I’ll miss nurturing all the new talent,” Paula Abdul tweeted. Who tweets about resignation before releasing a legitimate statement? We speculate that what with her clearly evident obsessive twitter disorder, if she had stayed on Idol, we’d know who won, before the season even started.

2. Kara DioGuardi will be returning, and while we would have enjoyed watching Abdul create her own personal competition with the only other female judge, there’s only room for one lady on that panel. Abdul out, DioGuardi in. Sorry sucka.

3. While Paula Abdul’s random breakdowns at the panel have been somewhat entertaining to watch, they are certainly not professional. Once, twice, fine. But every other week? Come on. Goodbye American Idol, hello psychiatric ward.

4. Kate Moss is dancing with the idea of becoming the next Ryan Seacrest. According to fashionologie, she may sign on to judge a new show, produced by Simon Cowell that gives unknown and unsigned bands a chance at fame. She may also appear on Cowell’s other shows, like American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent. If we were Abdul, we’d jump ship, too. Who wants to be compared to Kate Moss, that’s called preparing for failure.

5. And for our last reason, I think we’re about to confront an elephant in the room…but confession: we’ve been confused by Fox‘s decision to bring Paula Abdul on to judge musical talent since season one. She’s not exactly a Grammy Award winner, now is she?

I’m just going to say it: shouldn’t one possess musical talent, in order to be a qualified judge of it?

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