Top 5 Pre-NY Fashion Week Celeb Arrivals


We may sound like broken records saying this yet again but…Fashion Week is upon us. And while we are busting our asses to keep our beloved readers (yes, that’s you) in the loop, celebrities are popping in and out of their New York City hotels, getting ready to fete. Frequenting the usual and maybe somewhat cliché chic locations: Waverly Inn, Rose Bar, 1Oak (why isn’t this place stale yet?) and… The Jane (shout out to Mischa). It’s hard to miss a familiar face during Fashion Week…or as we like to call it: the most important week of the year. Christmas? No thanks. Marchesa, yes please.

We’ve gathered our favorite celebrity arrivals:

5. Taylor Momsen. Gosh, the girl plays a designer on TV and all of a sudden she’s wearing metallic cut out dresses (we don’t recommend duty length plus booties, it yields stubby legs) and landing front row fashion week tickets. Call me bitter, but I can see your extensions from here. Whose your friend? Tell him to tweet me.

4. Lindsay Lohan. Welcome back to New York. Will you be dodging any more of your significant other’s family events? It ain’t a drunken mess without you, so start prepping your liver. We can’t wait to see you at the Phillip Lim after party, crouched in a corner, tweeting in misery.


3. Mischa Barton. Well, this isn’t really an arrival, as she’s been back and forth between NY and LA for The Beautiful Life filming, but it’s always nice to see her busted face, especially when she’s in an outfit as chic as this one. Most people detest the use of brown and black together, but Prada does it, so we do too. The combination of bows, muted colors, a glam cropped jacket and great yellow pumps gets an A in the StyleCaster fashion hall of fame. See Mischa, you can do it!


2. Rachel Bilson, who is somehow always put together. This yellow organza mini dress with ruffle detail at the bottom, paired with a vintage-inspired aubergine velvet jacket is probably one of our favorite looks, ever. Browse through the StyleCaster shop and emulate away! As if it’s not enough, she’s also dating Hayden Christensen. Trade you closets…and boyfriends, Rach.


1. I die. Rachel Zoe, duh. She and her YSL tributes are shutting it down on the Lower East Side in black harem pants, a black t-shirt and a sequined vest…vintage, obviously. Her arm candy, babe…I mean Roger looks snazzy too. Want to a cop a peek at R.Zoe? Frequent Above Allen, Rach is staying at 60 Thompson.


Conclusion: Fashion Week is yielding some serious sequin-overload and if you’re as excited as we are…but can’t get to the shows (like I can’t) because, say, you’re stuck in this little city called Paris, keep refreshing your StyleCaster page and stalking its twitter account, you won’t even realize you weren’t actually there.

Oh, also, don’t forget Fashion’s Night Out is tomorrow and it’s going to be… bananas. Follow us to Foley & Corina, Vivienne Tam, and M Missoni where StyleCaster will be co-hosting the best FNO parties on this side of the globe. Want to know what’s up at FNO across the globe? Good thing I’m in Paris. I’ll let you know.