Top 5 Hollywood Nightlife Spots


Paris Hilton and Katy Perry partying at Las Palmas in Los Angeles. Photo: Charles Gallay, WireImage

Whether you already find yourself hob-nobbing with A-list celebs on a weekly basis, or you’re just making a quick LA pit stop on your summer road trip, you’ll need to know about the must-have spots to go when all you can think about is throwing back that perfect summer cocktail with some dancing on DJ booths thrown into the mix. These five hotspots should get you started on your way.

Las Palmas
The same nightlife pioneers behind the incredibly successful h.wood and Tea Room, brings Hollywood their latest endeavor, Las Palmas. The original Las Palmas opened its doors in 1998. Five years later the infamous DJ AM teamed up with the h.wood Group to create the hugely popular club LAX. Now in 2010, the h.wood Group has taken this vintage venue and brought it back to life. It’s got the same name with many of the classic original features like the live jellyfish bar, but now guests can enjoy savory late night tacos and other a la carte Mexican dishes until 3am. Vintage Spanish tiles, sleek dark wood finishes and a cabana style outdoor patio draws in everyone from socialites to star athletes. 1714 N. Las Palmas, Hollywood.

My Studio
David Judaken, nightlife maestro, adds My Studio to his long list of exceptional Hollywood venues. With its dark interior and posh decor, this high energy nightclub has been known to resemble a photographer’s swanky studio, easily luring in long lists of celebrity clientele. My Studio’s intimate lounge design allows for a clear view of the DJ whether you are on the dance floor, or standing on the platforms that line the back of the bottle service booths. Events innovators, The Vita Luna Group, present Fridays at Studio bringing with them world class DJs and lighting design. Youll recognize it by the long line of girls in tiny dresses and stacked stilettos outside.6623 Hollywood Blvd., West Hollywood

The Colony
Bringing the spirit of the Hamptons to Los Angeles, SBE recently introduced The Colony as the next evolution of Hollywood nightlife. The 13,000 square foot space was formerly known as White Lotus. With renovation design by ICrave, this new beach themed venue features a truly indoor-outdoor experience with a spacious dance floor and luxurious dcor including hammocks, boat benches, lush pillows and water elements galore. Walking through the sandy entrance may make you want to kick your heels off, and lucky for you, Colony offers a beach boutique where you can pick up flip-flops, jewelry, and other stylish boardwalk goodies. Sick of the same old vodka Red Bull? Try a liquor infused popsicle, or Jello shot sashimi. The Colony may be the closest Hollywood ever gets to the East Coast. 1743 Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood.

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Benji Madden and Simon Rex party it up at Trousdale. Photo: Chris Weeks, WireImage

When you live in Hollywood you know that the weekends are for the tourists, and the weekdays are for the locals. Well, Tuesday at Trousdale is for the crme de la crme. Brent Bolthouse has successfully created yet another voracious venture. If you are A) hot enough, B) famous enough, or C) know enough people, you just may be able to check this place out someday. The space is deep and dark and feels like its holding a lot of secrets. Definitely focused around bottle service, there isnt exactly dance floor space, but thats what the plush oversized booths are for. Dont worry, they can take a heel or two, trust me. The back wall opens up to a hidden second room where, warning: you could be challenged to a game of pool by [insert celebrity name here]. Trousdale also offers a menu boasting delicacies by Dana Flores, the same girl Louis Vuitton, Demi Moore, and Vanity Fair call for catering. 9229 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills; a ways down the Sunset Strip, past the rock clubs, but before the mansions.

Less high-energy dance club, more high-end posh lounge, Boudoir is the new Coco de Ville, actually technically called Boudoir at Coco de Ville. The One Group was incredibly successful with the former venue which lasted for over two years, and in a city with the attention span of a toddler, that’s impressive. Now they have reinvented this great little space just in time to keep the interest of their regulars while invigorating new ones. Extravagant Parisian-themed dcor complements an indulgent menu of dessert-themed aparitifs. Faux fireplaces and lavish chandeliers demand cocktail dresses and champagne flutes on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. 755 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood.

Amanda Champagne is part of the Vita Luna Group based in Los Angeles, California. Producing more than 15 events per month, Vita Luna has developed a reputation for throwing incredible events and working with only the finest nightclubs and lounges in LA. Their expertise turns undiscovered venues into high profile attractions, and for the “venue-that-once-was,” Vita Luna produces revivals that rival past glories.

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