Top 25 Food Blogs To Bookmark Now

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Top 25 Food Blogs To Bookmark Now
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There is truly no better way to lose a few hours that browsing ridiculously amazing food blogs. Yes, we have a serious thing for all things food, can you blame us?
In an effort to cut down on the time you spend searching for the best recipes, food inspiration, and cooking tips, we’ve put together a list of the top 25 food blogs that you need to bookmark now. We’ve taken into account amazing original content, loyal social followings, and most importantly creativity and amazing original photography, when putting together this comprehensive list. From the web designer by day, gluten-free pastry chef by night to the blogger dedicated to providing the best recipes that you can create yourself at home for $5 and under, there is something on this list for everyone.
Have a favorite or did we miss someone? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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Our picks for the 25 best food blogs that you must bookmark now! Did your favorite make the list?

Always With Butter

Julie Craig, who writes on her site that she is "blogging from the sleepy little town of St Helena California" combines beautifully shot photos along with recipes that are surprisingly easy to emulate. Her oven dried cherry tomatoes seem easy to create, and are something we wouldn't have necessarily thought to make on our own. We can't wait to see what Craig comes up with next, which is why this site is a must bookmark. 

Behind the Food Carts

Who isn't on the board with the food cart craze these days? Which is why we can't get enough of this blog run by husband and wife duo Kim and Phil Shen, based in San Francisco. Considerng the pair are also travel, fashion, and food photographers, it is not surprising that this blog is beautifully shot. What we really love about it though is that it shows off the personalities behind the hottest food trucks in the Bay Area. Also, now we know exactly what to order when we hit one of them up.


Dinner Was Delicious

This Chicago-based food blog run by Rachel Adams and Lucy Hewett is the perfect mix of beautifully shot food, great recipes, and oh yeah, the occassional F-bomb (hey, every blogger is allowed a quirky trademark). Considering that everything the duo puts on the blog was created in their real life Chicago apartment we have one thing to say—when are we being invited over for dinner?

The Domestic Man

Run by Russ Crandall, this blog was started in 2010 out of a desire by Crandall to be more "domestic." Between making the perfect smoked turkey to beef bourguignon, it seems like Crandall has the domestic thing pretty much mastered at this point (so much so that we should all take a few pointers). What we especially love about his recipe posts is that Crandall points out whether something is gluten free, contains dairy, and is diet friendly, which makes for easy recipe browsing.

Erica's Sweet Tooth

A dentist with a baking obsession? Welcome to Erica's Sweet Tooth. Considering that Erica Pitera has no formal training, she sure knows how to make some seriously good sweets, and as her loyal readers we are simply there to follow her lead. Awesome recipes abound from how to make s'mores popcorn to vegan chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. Drooling yet? Yes, so are we.

$5 Dinners

Cooking at home is great, but have you ever thought to yourself after leaving Whole Foods with a haul of groceries you could have gone out to eat for cheaper? You are probably not alone, which is why we can't get enough of $5 Dinners. The blog is pretty self explanatory—Erin Chase the brains behind it is an expert at making meals for an entire family for under $5. From spinach orzo soup to garlic chicken risotto, who knew being thrifty could be so yummy?


The Food Dept.

Possibly one of the most beautifully styled food blogs around, your mouth will likely literaly begin watering after perusing its beautifully shot food editorials like the recent American Diner story. We love that the site also takes a practical approach to cooking, show us all, for instance, how to make homeade spicy ketchup. Don't mind if we do. 

For the Love of the South

Have a passion for Southern food (or really just great food in general), than this is the blog for you! Amber Wilson, the blog's creator does a great job of fusing writing about food and her personal life. And seriously, few people could make food look as beautiful as Wilson does. 

Grandbaby Cakes

This baking blog is dedicated to its creator Jocelyn Delk Adams' grandmother (the premise of any great baking blog as far as we are concerned). Adams writes: "At an early age, I loved visiting Mississippi to watch my grandmother, or 'big mama' Maggie as my family affectionately calls her, bake. Big mama bakes cakes that literally have her neighbors lined up around the block waiting for a taste. She not only invents (yes, she developed all of her own recipes) the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth desserts I've ever tasted, but she also infuses them with so much love." From a red velvet s'more milkshake to homamade funnel cakes, Adams' recipes aren't to be missed.


Mary Fran Wiley is a Chicago-based web designer by day and a "woman on a mission to bake" during her downtime. Hey, considering how good Wiley's food looks, we don't blame her one bit. The best part about the incredible recipes she shares? They are all gluten-free.

Happy Yolks

"Recipes and stories for happy folks" is the tagline for this blog. Now that is something that we can seriously get behind. What we love about Kelsey Brown's blog is that you actually feel like you are in the kitchen with her as she makes everything from Oaxacan black mole to caramelized fig ice cream. Now, if only we really were in the kitchen with her.

Hipster Food

This Vegan dedicated blog will shatter pretty much all of your misconceptions as to what Vegan food is like (and thank heavens for that). From lentil soup to a breakfast recipe that subs tomatoes for eggs, it doesn't matter if you are Vegan or not you are going to want to try these recipes. 

Homesick Texan

Lisa Fain, a Texan living in New York City, says on her blog that her favorite things to make includes biscuits, breakfast tacos, carnitas, chicken-fried steak, chili, kolaches, and puffy tacos. Yes, it is no wonder that Fain is homesick for Texas. Luckily for us all she shares some of her best down home recipes on her blog including peach and bacon guacamole and barbecue baked black-eyed pees.

Honey & Jam

Run by Hannah Queen, a baker and photographer based in the mountains of North Georgia, we can't get enough of her posts like "honeysuckle syrup" where Queen takes us through what it is like to actually make honeysuckle syrup. Not only are there food tutorials, but there are also posts from Queen like how to put together a bouquet. Naturally, everything is captured through Queen's discerning, photographers eye.

Kitchen Confidante

Liren Baker has a knack for reading our mind, sharing recipes for the exact kind of food we love make. Lobster cobb salad? Check. Banana pineapple mini bundt cakes? Check. Sure, we might not be the best cook around, but Baker makes us feel like we really could be if we just put some effort into it, which is why we come back to this blog time and time again. 

Little Box Brownie

It is no wonder that a photographer (Melbourne, Australia based Sophia Purvis) would create one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful shot food blogs on the web. One of Purvis' latest posts on a blackberry slice seriously made us weak in the knees. The recipe for the "biggest baddest chocolate cake ever" is not an overstatement. And with that, we are heading to our kitchen.

Miss Foodwise

A blog that celebrates British food history? No wonder this is on our bookmark list. From cherry and almond cake to strawberry shortcake, you might not be UK based, but you can sure cook like you are (in the best possible way) after some solid time spent perusing this blog.

No Recipes

A blog dedicated to helping us all cook without having to depend on recipes all of the time? Yes, Marc Matsumoto, the blogger behind No Recipes, has answered our prayers. Yes, there are plenty of recipes on this site divided into categories like French and Italian, but the best part is that the step-by-step instructions that Matsumoto provides will set pretty much any of us on our way to being better in the kitchen.

Oh, Ladycakes

For those that don't eat eggs or dairy you might want to bow down to Denver-based vegan baker Ashlae Warner. Her recipes for classic, indulgent desserts, without the eggs or dairy, are some of the best we have ever come across. Like so many of the best food bloggers, Warner's photos are magical, but she backs them up with really great recipes.


Seattle-based Molly Wizenberg dropped out of a Ph.D program for cultural anthropology and began bloging on a whim. Boy, are we glad she did. One part food blog, one party memoir, because of the success of Orangette, Wizenberg went on to write a book and even open a restaurant.

Spoon Fork Bacon

Run by a food stylist and a photographer, it is a given that Spoon Fork Bacon is going to be good. One of our favorite parts of this blog is that recipes are divided into categories like snacks and pizza, so finding new and original recipes to try is really, really easy. Along with having a killer blog, the duo behind Spoon Fork Bacon also have a must-follow Instagram account. It might not be the best idea to peruse it while you are hungry. You've been warned.

Seven Spoons

Tara O'Brady runs her must-read blog out of Southern Ontario Canada, which she started she says, "as my recipe file, to keep track of things as I built a life with my boyfriend." Of course, in the years since she founded it, it has become so much more. It is easy to be sucked into O'Brady's world—who expertly mixes writing about her real life along with food and recipes. Now if only we could master the plum rippled ginger crunch ice cream recipe O'Brady recently shared.

V.K.Rees Photography

If you search out food blogs with seriously stunning photography, than you need not look further than V.K. Rees Photography. Venessa Rees, behind the blog, can make seemingly anything look insanely gorgeous including granola and yogurt. Yes, who would have thought. Trust us, you'll need to clear a few hours from your calendar to peruse this blog. OK, we will try to stop gushing now.

What Katie Ate

Katie Quinn Davis, based in Sydney, Australia, develops, cooks, styles, and shoots every recipe on her blog. We love that she combines the aspirational with the practical, and it is posts like "4 Simple Pasta Ideas" that keep us coming back time and time again.  

The Year In Food

This food blog emphasizes cooking with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Naturally, you are going to want to eat everything that Kimberley Hasselbrink, the creator of this site, features.The best part? Since so much of it is healthy, you don't have to feel bad about that.

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