Top 20 Weirdest Ways You Can Search For StyleCaster Online

Summer K

OK, so there’s this small fringe group of people that tend to find us through Google Search while trolling for specific topics (mind you, most everybody else uses the front door, Facebook or Twitter). Typically, this leads to many comments in our office about what that says about them, and specifically what that says about us.

Do we write about weird stuff? Are we bad people? Have we managed to create some sort of strange hybrid obsession surrounding Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and all that is wrong with romantic comedies?

(Sigh) Perhaps we’ll never know. But in the meantime, feel free to cruise this list we compiled of our top 20 fave search terms of the week along with our “suggested” answers.

I got a back problem in barre class (Might we suggest yoga instead?)

Kris Jenner hair styles (Try searching under ‘Midwestern mom ‘do’s)

women masochists (Three words: Ditch the heels)

raining men (Um, hallelujah?)

Signs he’s just not that into you (The lack of calling and texting is usually a clue)

Weird weight loss (When you start wondering about the calories in your gum or Tic Tacs)

Debbie Harry Hairspray wig (Lots of glue and probably some chicken wire)

booty (See Diddy’s new book, ‘Culo’)

How to stick to a break up (Remind yourself of what a jerk he was daily)

How to fly a plane (Very carefully)

Celebrities that are bad role models (All of them)

How men show that they love you (Jewelry is always nice)

Olsen twins in bathing suits (We’ve never seen them with anything but 20 layers of clothes on, but good luck with that)

Terry Richardson mask (Scary, but not as scary as the real thing)

Biggest douchebag characters (Every guy we ever dated up to the present)

How tall are the Olsen twins (Why are you so obsessed with the Olsen twins?!?)

Types of hipsters (There’s seven just like the dwarves in Snow White: Lazy, Dirty, Hairy, Pretentious, Entitled, Too-Cool-For-School and Trust Fund Baby)

Matthew Perry weight loss (Up and down and all around)

How girls flirt (Sometimes carefully but often with abandon)

Songs wailing down runway (Can get repetitive from show to show, but very cool depending on the right designer)