Top 10 Things To See at the 2013 Armory Show

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Top 10 Things To See at the 2013 Armory Show
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Armory Art Week has arrived in New York City and that means that there are dozens of art fairs opening simultaneously around the city, the most prestigious of which is the Armory Art Show which is open from now until March 10 at Pier 92 and Pier 94 (711 12th Avenue).
The show, with over 100 exhibitors from over 30 countries, can be quite an overwhelming experience. With that in mind we’ve highlighted our favorite picks from the fair—everything from Damien Hirst to hitting up the Pommery champagne bar.
General admission tickets are $30 and students can get in for $10. For more information visit
If you visit, be sure to share your favorite picks with us in the comments below!

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Yoshimoto Nara's Doggy Radio, 2011

Yoshimoto Nara's Doggy Radio is a fully functional FM Radio and stereo system, accepting Bluetooth wireless, USB, and auxiliary sound input. Fusing sculpture and music, the limited edition piece is both functional and adorable.

Pace Prints, Pier 92, Booth 412

Irving Penn, Harlequin Dress

One of the most influential photographers of the 20th century, Irving Penn is famous for his stunning and artistic fashion photography. This black and white print is one of several on display at the Robert Klein Gallery.

Robert Klein Gallery, Pier 92, Booth 152

Alec Soth's Grand Palais, Chanel 2, 2007

You can’t help but love this sumptuous, cinematic photograph by Alec Soth.

Sean Kelly Gallery, Pier 94, Booth 501

Archival pigment print © Alec Soth. Photo courtesy of Sean Kelly, New York.

Photo: /Sean Kelly, New York

William Klein's Dorothy + light newspaper, 1962

William Klein is a celebrated postwar artist known for his innovative works in a variety of media. The gorgeous black and white fashion photography on view at the Armory Show is a tempting preview of his current exhibitions at the Howard Greenberg Gallery and at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City, which will feature films by the artist.

HackelBury Fine Art, Pier 92, Booth 400 and Howard Greenberg Gallery, Pier 94, 725a

William John Kennedy's Homage to Warhol's Flowers, 1964/Printed in 2012

Eric Shiner, Director of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, curated this year’s Armory Focus. It seems fitting then that the museum included their series of photographs by William John Kennedy, featuring a whimsical Andy Warhol.

The Andy Warhol Museum, Pier 94, Booth 823

Jung Lee's P.S. I Love You, 2012

Part of her Aporia series, the South Korean artist Jung Lee places neon phrases in deserted landscapes, meditating on the mystery and emotional dilemma of falling in love.

ONE AND J. Gallery, Pier 94, Booth 826

Charles Lutz's Babel, 2013

At the entrance to Pier 94, artist Charles Lutz created the massive Babel (Stockholm Type), replicating stacks of Brillo Boxes in the manner of Andy Warhol. Continuing Warhol’s vision of bringing Brillo to the masses, the artist invites visitors to take one box home with them, with the intention of setting out a limited number of additional boxes over the coming days (pending availability of course).

Damien Hirst's For the Love of God Lenticular, 2012

In case you have already coveted Damien Hirst’s ridiculously expensive diamond encrusted skull, the artist recently produced this series of limited edition prints without the multi-million-dollar price tag. The work is made by printing multiple photographs of the iconic skull on special plastic, resulting in a unique holographic effect.

Other Criteria, Pier 94, Booth 521

Photo courtesy of Other Criteria. © Damien Hirst & Science 2012.

Kendell Carter's We, 2012

Using the language of hip-hop, Kendell Carter's installation features shining bronze statues cast from his own shoes and those of his associates. Blurring the boundaries between casual and formal, his work investigates multiple meanings within art and culture.

Monique Meloche Gallery, Pier 94, Booth 904

The Pommery Champagne Bar

Sip some champagne in the middle of one of the world's most prestigious art fairs. Raise a glass to 100 years of the Armory Show and soak in the beautiful art and people.

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