Top 10 Sexiest Male Athletes of 2009


When it comes to these sexy sports stars, we can’t help but stare. Your guy friends may think you’re just being a team player when you sit down to watch their favorite athletes go head to head, but honestly, who wouldn’t love watching these guys sweat?

Who makes our list of sexiest female athletes of 2009?

1. David Beckham (above):
David Beckham is hands down the sexiest athlete of them all. Known worldwide as the premier football player, and husband to Victoria Beckham, this athletic stud not only cares about how he plays football, but about the future of the sport as well. Beckham established The David Beckham Academy in London and Los Angeles, a school created for youth who wish to develop their very own Beckham-like ball skills.

2. Fabio Cannavaro:
Runner up for the sexiest football player is Fabio Cannavaro who has broken records as a defender; in 2006 he became the first and only defender in the sport to have won the FIFA World Player of the Year award. He also breaks the mold for football players around the globe with his unstoppable sex appeal.

3. Reggie Bush
24-year-old Reggie Bush is not only fine–he’s a fantastic American football player too. Winner of the Heisman Trophy and Kim Kardashian’s heart, we think Bush is a Saint.

4. Jeremy Bloom
As the youngest member to join the US Freestyle Ski Team and the youngest in history to become a World Cup freestyle mogul champion, Jeremy Bloom is a winner in more ways than one. We wouldn’t mind getting a lesson on the mountain from the adorable skier.

5. Fredrik Ljungberg
Throughout a ten-year-long career with the Swedish national football team and a modeling contract with Calvin Klein, we continue to swoon over Ljungberg.

6. Mark Sanchez
Young quarterback, Mark Sanchez, has proven to be a valuable asset to the Jets this season, as well as to women everywhere–Sanchez makes watching football much easier on the eyes.

7. Brady Quinn
Men everywhere should takes notes from this studly quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Since being drafted into the NFL in 2007, we’ve enjoyed watching this All-American hottie take on his competition.

8. Bode Miller
If winning 31 World Cup victories and being the most successful American alpine skier of all time doesn’t make Bode Miller hot, just take a look at that trimmed bod and adorable smile. Are you convinced now?

9. Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is a nine-time World Surfing champion. Not only are we interested in his cute face, but we love his charitable nature too. Many donations have been made towards important social and environmental causes thanks to the Kelly Slater Foundation.

10. Tom Brady

He’s a father, a husband, and an American football quarterback–what more could you ask for in a heartthrob?

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