Top 10 Fashion Scandals of 2011: Condé Nast, Fur Bans & More

Jessica Rubin
Top 10 Fashion Scandals of 2011: Condé Nast, Fur Bans & More
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It’s been a huge year in fashion, filled with magical collections and amazing amounts of talent. But there have also been instances of less-than-savory behavior which caused ripples of anger, disbelief and several “WTF?!?” moments. While some of these scandals border on the line of comedy, some, like our friend John Galliano‘s racial outburst, appear to be unforgivable.

Click through the slideshow above for our take on the top ten fashion scandals of 2011. Which one do you think had the biggest impact on the world of fashion? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Vogue Italia's photo shoot with Karlie Kloss turned into quite the controversy when they pulled one of the photos after it showed up on pro-Anorexia websites. 

Victoria's Secret turns out to be child labor. Whoops.

Condé Nast is one of the most famous and elusive companies in the world. So imagine the shock when someone dared to expose the inner-workings of the company's elevator small-talk.

It was quite the year for the Kardashians. One of their more notable achievments: they became fashion designers. Oh, and they ripped off their designs. Surprise!

Remember when Marc Jacobs put out a call over Twitter for a new member of the team who could handle their social media? Well, turns out in the meantime they handed it over to an intern, who had quite a bit of aggression to take out. Awkwardness ensued.

The Hollywood fur ban got to the heart of the moral dilemma we constantly face about the use of fur in fashion.

Carine Roitfeld, one of our favorite editrixes of all time, left Vogue Paris this year, causing quite the stir in the world of glossies.

Marc Jacobs to Dior  ... or not? That was the question of the year.

It was quite a year for Marc Jacobs, finally resulting in his spring collection being stolen!

John Galliano caused the controversy of the year when he went off on an antisemitic tirade, causing him to face legal problems and lose his position at Dior. 

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