Top 10 Restaurants To Explore In Asia

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Top 10 Restaurants To Explore In Asia
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Calling all foodies. The Miele Guide has just released its list of Asia’s Top 20 Restaurants. Whether you are looking for fine french cuisine created by Joel Robuchon or a traditional Indian experience, there is something on this list for everyone.
Here, the complete list, and be sure to scroll through our gallery above for ten of our personal favorites from the list:
1. Robuchon au Dôme, Macau
2. Waku Ghin, Singapore
3. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Hong Kong
4. Iggy’s, Singapore
5. Mozaic, Bali
6. Pierre Gagnaire à Seoul, Seoul
7. Caprice, Hong Kong
8. Amber, Hong Kong
9. 81 /2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Singapore
10. Les Amis, Singapore
11. Restaurant Andre, Singapore
12. Tippling Club, Bali
13. Sarong, Shanghai
14. Mr & Mrs Bund, Shanghai
15. One Harbour Road, Hong Kong
16. Dakshin, Chennai, India
17. Antonio’s, Cavite, Philippines
18. Nihon Ryori RyuGin, Tokyo
19. Metis Restaurant and Gallery, Bali
20. Bukhara, New Delhi

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Mr & Mrs Bund, Shanghai: If you’re seeking a chic wine and dine in Shanghai, Mr & Mrs Bund will hit the spot. Juxtaposing a modern design with classic French favorites, this restaurant will leave the most patriotic French traveler in awe. Meals are served family style and the highly suggested wine list offers 36 selections to choose from. Get lost in this modern eatery, but don’t forget to take a moment to gaze at Shanghai’s skyline from their terrace. For more information visit

Bukhara, New Delhi: Authentic doesn’t quite cut it for this award-wining restaurant. The warm and robust flavors of every dish make this restaurant a haven for luxurious comfort food. They use clay ovens to cook traditional delicacies, like kebabs, vegetables, and bread. Bukhara successfully weaves rustic Indian cuisine with its elegant dining room, establishing this restaurant as a New Delhi attraction. For more information visit

Dakshin, Chennai, India: This restaurant is not for the average tourist. Here you will find authentic Indian dishes, researched and studied from the four southern states of India. Forget western culture, in Dakshin you will be fed like a southern local but you will feel like you’re sitting in a lush temple. The traditional brass lamps and flower petals floating in water create an intimate ambiance, making a diners experience all the more special. We suggest the home-style Kerala stew, based in coconut milk and prepare yourself for loads of traditional Indian rice. For more information visit

Mozaic, Bali: Comprised of four six-course tasting menus, Chef Salans creates plates with a mixture of exotic and tasty ingredients. Don’t bother asking for the wine menu, chef Salans pairs your menu of choice with just the right wine. Good food and a tropical setting, Mozaic is an ideal restaurant. For more information visit

Nihon Ryori RyuGin, Tokyo: A policy of this restaurant asks for guests to not wear any strong perfumes or colognes. Considering each meal is setout to provoke all five senses, other strong smells may risk the experience. Fitting well with the culture, this serene Japanese restaurant focuses diligently on using delicate seasonal ingredients. For more information visit

One Harbour Road, Hong Kong: This Cantonese restaurant inspired by 1930s Chinese mansions is all about high society pretension, however the taste goes back to Chinese roots. The home-style dishes are unpretentious and delicious reminding diners there’s nothing like traditional Chinese food. A great place to look sharp but eat great. For more information visit

Pierre Gagnaire à Seoul, Seoul: Known as the Picasso of the culinary world, Pierre Gagnaire recreates common French plates by playing with textures and combining ingredients in new but delicious ways. Staying within the “uncommon” concept, Gagnaire offers numerous rare wines alongside the 270 types of wines listed on their menu. To dine here is to experience French cuisine unlike anywhere else in the world (even France). For more information visit

Robuchon au Dôme, Macau: This is a first class dining experience from the moment you sit down until you pay the check. Imagine eating a BLANK meal while surrounded by the most incredible view of Macau. Many have suggested that while the view may be breathtaking, it pales in comparison to how succulent the food is. If you’re a true foodie, this is one place you need to experience. For more information visit

Tippling Club, Bali: At the Tipping Club, the very point is to bring a diner closer to the creation process. In a sense, when you are weary of going into your kitchen, the Tippling Club brings their kitchen to you, and by that we mean one large chef’s table shared with diners. A dinner here is definitely an experience. For more information visit

Waku Ghin, Singapore: Waku Ghin, meaning arise silver, was named after the Chef’s favorite color. While the menu is small, offering only ten courses to choose from, meals here are made with only the freshest seasonal ingredients available. If you’re looking to get your drink on, Waku Ghin is known to have the best sake selection in the world. So drink, eat, and be merry while taking in the Singapore skyline. For more information visit 

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